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Argent Announcement

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[quote]Roquentin|Umbrella: : Umbrella declares war on the [s]Siberian Tiger Alliance[/s] Aurora Borealis
Roquentin|Umbrella: Signed,
Roquentin|Umbrella: Roquentin, President
Roquentin|Umbrella: NFL Generic, Vice President
Roquentin|Umbrella: Natan, Field Marshal[/quote]

Pursuant to the Underneath the Silver Parasol Treaty

[quote]Article V: Tut tut, it looks like rain
Both signatories have the option of coordinating with each other to carry out aggressive action against another alliance(s). 47 hours notice should be given to the other signatory before either party engages in an offensive war. If this is impossible, a best effort to notify the other party as soon as possible is required.

Argent hereby declares war upon the [s]Siberian Tiger Alliance[/s] Aurora Borealis.

Pursuant to Argent policy, we shall ask for no reparations or terms beyond withdrawing from the field and agreeing to a no-reentry or aiding combantants policy.


Janax - Emperor

Diomede - Regent
MGregory - Minister of War (aka Yosh)

PS, Dragon Porn


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