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Announcement from Umbrella and the Mushroom Kingdom


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Umbrella and Mushroom Kingdom have been providing support for GOONS in their war against The Phoenix Federation. We acknowledge that this has been done without a formal declaration of war, but it is a very small scale engagement which did not warrant cluttering Alliance Politics more than it already has been. It should go without saying that when a bloc-mate is struck, we consider ourselves at war with the entity attacking them.

Molon Labe nations have been attacking nations within Umbrella and Mushroom Kingdom who were engaging The Phoenix Federation. Over the last day, they have branched out into attacking non-engaged nations as well. This, by any standard, is an attack on Umbrella and the Mushroom Kingdom and by itself warrants a full retaliation.

Molon Labe's government has both participated in these attacks and made clear in negotiations that they do not consider these to be rogue attacks any more than we consider our own members who are defending GOONS to be rogues. As such, we are currently facing alliance sanctioned declarations against us as part of Molon Labe fulfilling it's treaty obligations to TPF. This is known as an alliance war, and to avoid any further confusion on this front, we are officially recognizing the state of war that currently exists between ourselves and Molon Labe.

[center][b]For Umbrella:[/b]
Roquentin, President
NFLGeneric, Vice President
Natan, Field Marshal
Xavi, Envoy
Johnny Apocalypse, Botschafter
Raken, Wiseman
Domisi, Generator
Lord Panis Rahl, The Economist

[b]For the Mushroom Kingdom:[/b]
Archon, King of the Mushroom Kingdom
lebubu, Prince of the Mushroom Kingdom
Ardus, Epiphanus, SomeGuy, Magical Trevor, Councilmen of the Enclave
Teh 1337 Guy, Lord High Vanguard
quinoa rex, Lord High Inductor
potato, Lord High Communicator
Infinite Citadel, Lord High Treasurer[/center]

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Let it be known that GOD fully supports Umbrella and MK in this situation and will take action as necessary to reflect that. This is one of the few clear cut cases I have seen arise from this war and it makes my blood boil.

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[quote name='Il Impero Romano' timestamp='1296788615' post='2618582']
Necessary and whatnot. Someone in ML just apparently wasn't thinking clearly.

Or maybe ML just wants to have some fun !@#$@#$ !@#$ up. This is a game, after all.

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