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WF & NOR Announcement


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[color="#00FFFF"][font="Times New Roman"]
[size="1"]World Federation and Nordreich hereby agree to peace. Nordreich shall refrain from committing any further acts of warfare upon any alliance who is engaged in combat with the New Polar Order or the New Pacific Order, or any collateral alliance who has declared war, by whatever means, in support of aforementioned combatants or in support of any party who has entered into conflict in support of those same combatants. Additionally, World Federation hereby adopts a policy of non-escalation, and shall act in good faith to bring their war with Nueva Vida to a close. Nordreich and World Federation agree to adopt a policy of non-aggression with respect to each other and their opposite's allies.[/size][/font][/color]

[b]Signed on behalf of WF,[/b]
[i]The Awesome One, Enrage[/i]

[b]Signed on behalf of NOR,[/b]
[i]His Infernal Majesty Nemhauser, Kaiser von Nordreich
His Imperial Excellency Vinzent von Zeppelin, Kronprinz des Reiches[/i]

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This really surprised me from the both of these AA's, I had thought the both of you would be outraged at the thought of unprovoked wars becoming the normal everyday occurrence on planet bob. When you don't stand for something you will fall for anything. What is going to happen when PB or MHA don't like something one of your members say? They can just use that as a "just cause" for war. What does that do for smaller AA's? What does that do for the future of CN?
When you choose not to decide you have still made a choice. By not standing up for some since of structure on Bob it seems as if it is headed for a state of anarchy if these actions are allowed to go on as this latest unprovoked war proves.

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