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Some More Peace


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[img] http://i705.photobucket.com/albums/ww60/ProxODN/mcxapeace.png[/img][/center]
[size="4"][center][b]Another Declaration of Peace[/b][/center][/size]

The alliances of ODN, LOST, LSF, NEAT, GRUE, DICE, Tetris, and INT went to war in defense of our respective allies. We also recognize that MCXA joined this war to defend their allies, something we can respect.

As such, despite us having enjoyed the warring immensely, we are pleased to accept the following peace terms with MCXA :

1) MCXA admits defeat and surrenders to the alliances of ODN, LOST, LSF, NEAT, GRUE, DICE, Tetris, and INT.

2) MCXA will not re-enter the current conflict or any wars resulting from the current conflict (this includes the NPO-Doomhouse front). This also includes sending aid to Alliances at war.

3) MCXA shall write a review on the superiority of the Orange to all other lesser fruits for ODN.

4) MCXA shall write a 250 word review of the Star Wars Christmas Special for LOST.

5) MCXA shall write a review of GRUEs Zombie Strip Club

6) MCXA shall write a a 300 word minimum monologue of a Tetrad's descent through the matrix on his way down to being stabilized for Tetris

7) MCXA Shall write a poem about why Direct Democracies are NEAT

8) MCXA shall watch David Lynch's Dune and write a review about it for LSF.

[b]For The Orange Defense Network:[/b]
Secretary General: OsRavan
Secretary of the Interior: Twazzlepop
Secretary of Economics: Lucius Aerillius
Secretary of Defense: itseze
Secretary of State: Joracy

Senate XXXIX:
Istus, Anthemist, Yankeefan924, Proximus, JWZepf

[b]For The International:[/b]
War Council of The International

[b]For Tetris:[/b]
Logan, Game Developer
Hereno, Programmer of Foreign Matters
USMC123, Programmer of Game Patent
Ali5541, Programmer of Internal Matters
Dragonknight1000, Programmer of Line Completion

Granat, Game Councilor
BladeX, Game Councilor
Rhaemyr, Game Councilor

On behalf of GRUE:[/b]

[b]For DICE:[/b]
coldielox-ace of spades
head penguin-ace of diamonds/clubs
paul cavanaugh-ace of hearts

[b]For Nations Empowered Against Totalitarianism (NEAT):[/b]
NEAT General Assembly

[b]For LOST[/b]

[b]LSF sig: [/b]
Delegates Council of the Black Guards

[b]For MCXA[/b]

Bobo The Monkey

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