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A brief Announcement from CA

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TL:DR We declare war on the Viridian Entente.

There. So if anyone is still reading, here's the announcement.

Cue: [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spTv-cOxySg"]Ride of the Valkyrië[/url][/b]

[i][center]The mighty Oden laughs upon his throne
And once more claims his children for his own.
The voice of Thor rings again on high
By chopper rides the Valkyrië through the sky.[/i]

Some time ago the New Pacific Order received from shady characters and professed spies documentation to show that a small alliance leader called SethB had... received documentation concerning the New Pacific Order. For this, they demanded at least that he be ZId. For this, they and their allies were, for the most part, soundly thrashed by a vast coalition including the protectors of SethBs small alliance, the Viridian Entente. In doing so, the Viridian Entente, along with a great many more, claimed to be acting as the voices and swords of Karma.

The fact is everyone accepts information, and we thought at the time that universal acknowledgment of that fact had finally been achieved.

More recently, the Viridian Entente received, from a well known character of ill-repute called Lennox (who was never punished in any way but welcomed into the alliance and aided,) documentation to show that a member of the government of the New Polar Order... had received documentation regarding the Viridian Entente. For this they went to war with Polaris, pronoucing fearsome oaths to not be gentle, but to pursue with full and fearsome severity, and calling in plenty of help to make sure they should undergo no discomfort while doing so.

Almost immediately, the true miscreant exposed them to any who were still in doubt. Imperos log release only dug them in a deeper evidentiary hole. While Dajobo had simply pointed out the obvious in response to Lennox, Impero actually violated his own alliances security himself, then fed the documents to Lennox along with orders to give them to Dajobo!

When we pointed out their inconsistency they resorted to unfounded personal attacks. We were even called liars to our face. So we became quiet and observed for a time. And what we saw angered us even more. The Viridian nations in our range had a few cherry-picked offensive wars and so much support they did not even bother to enter the sacred state of peace mode to clear anarchy, while their valiant allies were bearing much heavier loads.

The initial conflict which VE sparked has become a much broader conflagaration, involving many other alliances and many other issues. We take no particular position on the other issues, and aside from wishing our friends on both sides of it the best in their endeavours, we wish no involvement.

However here, with the Entente, we find we have no choice to but draw a line and say no more.

We have no ill-will towards the Entente. We have always been fond of you, have extended you aid in your darkest hours in the past, and want nothing more than to see you return to an honourable and respectable path. It pains us greatly to be forced to take arms against you. But actions must have consequences.

For these reasons, Confederatio Aesir hereby declares war against the Viridian Entente.

-Sigrun, Queen of the Aesir

[i]Editted to add the flag. [/i]


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[quote name='Solaris' timestamp='1297373765' post='2628302']
You're taking a stand for injustice. Hope you know what you're doing.
As someone whom was on the receiving end of some of Sigrun's justice(undeserved of course :P ), the one thing sigrun never displayed was indecisiveness or second thoughts. So settle on back and enjoy the nukes because they will be incoming from sigrun until sigrun decides enough is enough....

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