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Fight the thing that should not be.

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Sanitarium hereby activates the [i]Gone Insane but the Memory Remains[/i] agreement with The Phoenix Federation and declares war on GOONS.

We may be small in numbers, however we shall stand by our allies in TPF until we have nothing left with which to stand upon.

[b]Signed on behalf of Sanitarium,[/b]
memoryproblems, [i]Premier[/i]
TheMVP, [i]Minister of Economics[/i]
ryankliber, [i]Minister of Foreign Affairs[/i]
Apolicus, [i]Minister of Internal Affairs[/i]

To commemorate the occasion, I've written something incorporating the title of every song released on a Metallica studio album, the following is largely unrelated to this DoW.

[quote]Hit the lights.

The time has come to Seek and Destroy, the Metal Militia is here, and we're going to act with no remorse. Remember how the Four Horsemen go? Me neither, but I'm preparing to jump in the fire, it may hurt like pulling teeth, but at the end of the day, its time to meet up with the Phantom Lord and defeat him with my Motorbreath.

Are you ready to answer The Call of Ktulu? One must Fight Fire with Fire, Ride the Lighting, Escape and pay heed to Whom the Bell Tolls. At the end of the day, Escape from your prison of being Trapped Under Ice, it may be creeping death, but if nothing else, fade to black in style.

The Battery on my car is dead, and theres a boogie man under my bed, I'm not a fan of your Master of Puppets, and today, I fight against the thing that should not be. Cast aside your disposable heros, I'm your leper messiah, Damage Incorporated, yeah, and come the end of the day, perhaps I'll reach Orion to the greetings of 'Welcome Home'.

Everybody wants to be the One, everybody wants to win, they all preach for justice for all. Its all in the eye of the beholder, but at the end of the day they are exactly the same. I'm blackened by your hate, at the frayed ends of sanity, but alas, I've drawn the shortest straw, to live is to die, and tonight is Dyers Eve.

Remember the days of the new world order, the days of promising the alternative would be better? Your little more then the god who failed. Everybody claims they are Holier then Thou, but its all the same, Sad but True. Enter to fight your Sandman, exist of wolf and man, my friend of misery, you've lost the struggle within.

I'm telling you, don't tread on me, don't become the unforgiven, but alas, you've failed, You've walked through the never, you think that nothing else matters, but I'm telling you, it does.

Yeah, poor old bleeding me, but you know, it ain't my !@#$%*, I'm going to load up the old 2x4, drive over to the house that jack built, maybe meet my good friend Ronnie. Let me tell you something about yourself, King Nothing, your no hero of the day, you are not the cure, your whole "Poor Twisted Me" is a futile argument, its lost on me. Find that thorn within your ass, dig it out, as for me, I'm not going to waste my hate on you, Mama said to fight it until it sleeps.

You think your better then me, You think that its come time to Carpe Diem Baby, but let me tell you, you bad seed, slither on home, do the Devil's Dance, you'll find where the wild things are. Your attitude isn't impressing me, Your behavior fuels my desires, and I refuse to become the Unforgiven II, your sure as hell no Fixxxer to the problems of the world, just yet another problem.

But if it should end with this, I assure you, the memory remains, in the meantime, I'm going to sit here and sing the low man's lyric.

I know how frantic you are, you think that we're some kind of monster, but your looking through a dirty window, and that unnamed feeling is your paranoia. I know you want to purify, but your just an invisible kid, and sitting over there, praying to St. Anger, its just not working. Welcome to my world, taste the sweet amber, I'd ask that you leave it all within my hands.

By the time I'm done, i'll be broken beat and scarred, but thats fine, that was just my life, whether it is the end of the line or not matters not to me. I refuse to wait for the day that never comes, from suicide comes redemption, give me that cyanide, I'm ready to roll all nightmare long, no Judas Kiss here.

But you know, We're the unforgiven, III, today starts My Apocalypse.[/quote]

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