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Everything. Must. Dance


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[center]*Official Regnum Invictorum Decree*[/center]

"Doom house" and their myriad allies have gone to great lengths to destroy a single alliance, while we have gone to great lengths to protect it in this latest global calamity. Rather simply leaving well enough alone... these alliances have conspired to attack a neutral alliance out of cowardice. We wanted to cling to past glory by protecting this alliance, but it seems that now someone else wants to claim that very glory and power we so cherish... We have all thrown ourselves in the way, but despite our efforts, we have not succeded

The alliance we shield, the alliance we cling to, and the alliance to which we entrust our safety and prosperity... and the alliance they wish to destroy - The New Pacific Order.

We wanted to return the New Pacific Order to power. For years we ruled with an iron fist. We engineered a multitude of first strike "Curbstomps"... we never faced enemies that had a chance of victory. We were masters of the first strike attack... we could only beat down the weak.

A first strike is deplorable when against a neutral alliance, even when one attempts to make sure their political situation is unassailable before doing so.

Or, perhaps it is even more simple than that.

Maybe it's just a matter of loathing. Maybe it is because we believe that Everything. Must. Dance. Maybe it is because we think you deserve to boogie.

It doesn't actually matter. Whatever reason we decided to state, our foes would take their own, believe it, and attempt to spin it to their benefit. I welcome them to try. I wish them good luck, even, for they will surely need it. As for us? We always hear people saying "Do something about it!" with great bravado, so how about this?

The Forces of Regnum Invictorum hereby declare war upon the Goon Order of Oppression Negligence and Sadism.

Deal with it.


Dan2680, Co President, Emperor of the Ice Cream Cabinet, Master of Right turns and Long Straight Aways

Nascar8FanGA, Co-President of Invicta and Master of Left Turns

ShotgunWilly, Chancellor of the Exchequer and [insert witty title here]

Learz, Minster of Internal Affairs and Reader of War Poems

Thrash, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Sarah Palin

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