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Announcement from the Unjust Path

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[size="7"][b][u]Telegram for the World[/u][/b][/size]

Dear NPO
We've gotten along recently. Stop.
You're pretty cool people. Stop.
But you $%&@ed us over in 2007. Stop.
You convinced our "allies" to $%&@ us over too. Stop.
So, since everyone is getting their shots in. Stop.
We are too. Stop.
Signed, Emperor Marx. Stop.

[quote]~From the Desk of the Chaplain~

It has come to this.

To all who shall see these words, greetings. Know that today, \m/ has recieved its inheritance; today, our dearest dreams have been made reality:

War. We look around and see the destruction of cities, and we smile. We see the cowards behind their paper shields cowering, and we laugh! We watch the unworthy foe stumble under the storm of gunfire and we praise whatever kindly God has allowed us to live to see this day.

We have already gathered for ourselves a most unworthy foe, an embarrassment on the battlefield. Our soldiers gnashed their teeth in fury at the escaping prey, just out of reach; our broods furious with the hunters who brought too little meat to the table. And so we pondered our fates, and sought, ranging out farther, and behold, we have seen the bright new day of the World, so long promised by the Powers That Be....come crashing down around their ears. We see the empires of old finally crumble under the weight of their own decay and rot; the demons of mankinds worst fears unleashed upon earth; God's surgeons extracting the dead tissue of civilization.

So now, we come. We are the cleansing conflagration that will burn away all that you have clinged to. We are the \m/en of \m/alice, come to pillage, murder and destroy! We are all that your father's pretended not to fear and all that your mother warned would snatch you away in the night!

We are \m/, and we are here to destroy.

Die All, Die Well,

Chaplain Margrave
Resident Mad Prophet of the Ninja Church
Old Gangster of \m/[/quote]



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War is almost never the answer man.

Can't you all just sit down and rap about this? If you need a place to crash while rapping about this you can hang out at my pad. I'll have my wife Windy Breeze make us some granola crunchies and we can explore our feelings for each other!

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