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Can You Hear The Drums?


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The events that have unfolded recently upon our bewildering planet have yet again come to fruition in the most unusual of circumstance. What one wants to believe is their prerogative, but we do not believe in any particular side of this conflict. We have stood up time and time again for our ally's, our friends, our brothers, our compatriots. Though the times were rough, we pressed forward unwavering and with steadfast determination. This day shall be no different than those. It shall be no less glorious nor honorable.

Our friends at Nueva Vida are some of our oldest. People we have grown up together with, yet we do not often have the privilege and honor of shedding our blood together. Tonight we make our stand not for some greater cause, not for some unfortunate chain of events. We stand for Nueva Vida, for we shall not let her flame extinguish from this planet.

As such it is with a proud heart, stout shield, and swift sword we activate our treaty with Nueva Vida, per request, and do hereby declare war upon Sparta. For one plus one does indeed equal three this day.

It should also be noted we do not ride to battle alone for this city state has allies of her own who are willing to shed blood in glorious combat. Our allies upset with the destruction you, Sparta, waged in the Peloponnesian War are ready to stand firm with us against your tyranny The New Guy and North Atlantic Treaty Organization per, The Light at The End of the Tunnel and Foreign Article 5 Treaty's, respectively, recognize a state of war between themselves and Sparta.

Ares will see that this is indeed a glorious battle, fit only for the honorable to die in. We shall fight you down to the very depths of Tartarus and back. Charon's coffers will be full this eve.

Signed for The Foreign Division,

Speaker: Illius Vander
Senator: Lusitan
Senator: SupremePrince
Senator: Eivind the Great
Senator: Volpe
Minister of Security: LetsHunt

Signed for The New Guy,

Confusion, Archon of Darkness
JDorian, Triumvir of Internal Affairs
Kaplechistan, Triumvir of War
Waffles, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs
Kingly, Lord of Resistance
Cesar Julian - Lord of Communications
Mr Atoms - Council Member
Deadman - Council Member
Squid33 - Council Member
Slurm - Council Member

Signed for NATO,

bedeur, High Councillor Potentia
dev0win, High Councillor Externus
AtheistRepublican, High Councillor Augmentum
Perceus, Minister of Defense
Chocolate Cookies, Minister of Foreign Affairs

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The only thing I am sorry about is that I am not able to fully dismiss Sparta as an alliance because of other threads on the OWF that call for greater attention.

Other than that, you need no luck. o7

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