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Extreme Makeover

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Dear MCXA,

This is an intervention.

Your eclectic color scheme molests the eyes and it is time for a change. Instead of the constant barrage of clashing tints and hues, we offer you some simple solutions to make your appearance glow!


Use some of these uranium enriched lipsticks to show off just how shocking green can be in the new year. We also suggest some dazzling sanguine wounds to show off your beaten exterior. And, as a special gift, here are some brown overalls.


The =LOST- Makeover Team

[b]In accordance with the optional aggression clause in the "Force Squeezed Orange" Accords, =LOST= optionally declares war on MCXA in support of the [s]Orange[/s] Optional Defense Network...optionally.[/b]

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[quote name='Omniscient1' timestamp='1295848479' post='2595849']
But this one has extra words and everything.
They take away from the general atmosphere, in all honesty.

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I prefer this =LOST= declaration of war on MCXA over that other one announced by that other fool.

Long Reign Emperor Devilyn Caster VI!

Long Live the Empire!

=LOST= Prevails!

Onward to Victory!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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