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Announcment From The Kingdom of Hyrule


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[b]No War Here :([/b]
[center][b]New Charter[/b][/center]
[quote][b]Article I: Admission[/b]

Any nation that wishes to join the Kingdom of Hyrule (henceforth referred to as KoH) may do so providing they meet the following criteria unless the King or member of the Royal Council objects to their joining. The criteria are as follows:

-The nation must not be involved in any active wars.
-The nation must not be aiding or receiving aid from any nations at war.
-The nation must not be on any alliance blacklists.

If an applying nation does not meet all of the above criteria they may not join until they do or until the King or a member of the Royal Council vouches for them.

[b]Article II: Structure of the Kingdom [/b]

A. Kokiri

Kokiri are the new kids on the block. This is the first stage most people go to upon admittance to the Kingdom of Hyrule. After they’ve completed their application process as outlined by the Duke of Internal Affairs they will be promoted to Hylians.

B. Hylians

The Hylians make up the majority of the Kingdom. Once they have completed the Royal Academy of the Kingdom they become Hylian and are responsible for their duties to the Kingdom. Any Hylian that fails to uphold his/her duties said citizen will be removed from the alliance unless they can provide a reasonable excuse as to why they haven’t upheld their duties.

C. Barons

1) The Barons shall consist of the Baron of Internal Affairs, Baron of Foreign Affairs, Baron of Defense, and the Baron of Economics.

2) Barons shall be elected once a month, at the end of the month and serve as the second-in-command for their respective departments.

D. The Royal Council

1) The Royal Council shall consist of the Archduke, Duke of Internal Affairs, Duke of Foreign Affairs, Duke of Defense and Duke of Economics.

2) The members of the Royal Council are appointed by the King and serve until resignation or until impeachment.

3) The Council answers collectively to the King and act as a set of advisors to him, however, they can overturn his decisions with a 4/5s vote in favor of doing so. The Council as a whole also has the power to declare war with a 4/5s supporting vote.

E. The King

1) The King has total power to make any decision that he sees necessary.

2) The King’s decisions can only be overturned by a 4/5s vote of the Royal Council or a 4/5s vote of the Citizens of Hyrule.

[b]Article III: Government[/b]

The Government of the Kingdom of Hyrule shall consist of the Royal Council and the King.

A.Royal Council:

1) Archduke:

The Archduke shall serve as the speaker of the Royal Council answers only to the King. The Archduke also serves as second-in-command and fulfills the position of King when the King is on a LoA

2) Duke of Internal Affairs:

The DoIA shall over see all matters of the Kingdom’s internal security. This includes solving disputes among Citizens, overseeing the Academy, helping new members get settled into the Kingdom, masking new members, recruitment, and overseeing the election process.

3) Duke of Foreign Affairs:

The DoFA shall over see all matters concerning Foreign Policy. This includes running the Diplomat Corps, masking foreign diplomats, proposing treaties, and being the Kingdom’s main representative outside of the Kingdom’s walls.

4) Duke of Defense:

The DoD shall oversee the Kingdom’s overall security. This includes managing the Hylian Army, overseeing military training, overseeing tech raids, approving nuclear strikes, and overseeing rogue/ghosts busts.

5) Duke of Economics:

The DoE shall over see the Kingdom’s financial security. This includes managing moderated tech deals, helping members set up trade circles, managing banks, and overseeing alliance growth programs.

B.The King:

The King serves as the speaker for the Kingdom and makes all major decisions for the Kingdom. The King holds the power to expel any member from the Kingdom as he sees the need. The King may only appoint up to 3 non-government advisers.

C. Impeachment and Removal From Office

1) Any Hylian can call for the impeachment of any elected officer or the King if there is evidence of treason against the Kingdom, breaking of rules of the Kingdom or not properly fulfilling the duties of the office.

2) The call for impeachment must be seconded by another citizen in order to be brought before the alliance.

3) Impeachment proceeding shall last for 48 hours after the seconding of the call for impeachment to present evidence and debate the grounds of the charges.

[b]Article IV: Amendments[/b]

Any Amendment to the Charter must be discussed for a period of 48 hours after which a period of voting will begin. In order for the Amendment to pass it must reach 3/4s of the voting membership (Citizens of Hyrule). The King also has the power to pass any charter amendment needed.

[quote name='Sulmar' timestamp='1295819260' post='2594449']
Really though, you fooled no one with your subtitle.
So did it fool you this time?

And at that I will leave you with our war [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgzGwKwLmgM&ob=av2el]song[/url]...
Thanks for reading another pointless thread....

Actually, I almost forgot something: [size="5"][b]Kingdom of Hyrule hereby declares war on Misfit Nations for their attacks on our protectors, NpO.[/b][/size]

[b]For the Kingdom of Hyrule[/b]
His Majesty, King Britishdude
Duke of Foreign Affairs, Erikjsch
Duke of Defence, AlysiaKael
Duke of Economics, Caleb
Duke of Internal Affairs, Abomb2323

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