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When Darkness Falls We Feed


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[center] [u][b]When Darkness Falls We Feed[/b][/u]


Our newest allies who we are trying to zombify.. err..become super close friends with, =LOST=, seem to be out blowing people up or something. Since we sure do love a good fight as it provides us with delicious body parts to eat, we shall be activating our optional aggression clause. (Unless LOST gets hit somehow.. then we are defending them blah blah).

Therefore The Grand Revolution of Unearthly Evil formally declare war on The Hanseatic League. May you forever rest in pieces. GRAWR!!!!!!!!!!

We are bringing out the big guns… The COOKIE MONSTER has broken out of his cage and is rolling in.



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The assistance of Cookie Monster and his posse are welcome. I hear from the GRUE Food and Drug Administration that raw Germanic limbs and entrails are healthy, anytime foods that Cookie Monster can chow down on while he's waiting for his sometimes cookie snack.

o/ GRUE!
o/ =LOST=!

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