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I am the Man who Kills all the Blocks....


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Everyone has dealt with the frustration. That one game where you could get 4 lines if you could just get that idiotic line piece. And that is not even counting the more heinous crimes it has committed. Designing those blocks to be made up of four pieces. Don’t they realize that four = death? And then there’s that L block. As we all know “L” is the last letter in eviL. It even has the audacity of speeding up after each round in an obvious attempt to destroy us. We here at the Global Democratic Alliance have decided that these horrors must end. GDA hereby activates the optional Aggression clause of the “Love for Blue and Bombs” treaty and declares war on Tetris.

PS. Pacman’s a better game anyway...
[img] http://i53.tinypic.com/141m5j4.jpg[/img]

For the Global Democratic Alliance:
Sippyjuice, President
Masterfod, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Shadowkiller, Minister of Defense
LegoKid, Minister of Economics
Darkhjustice, Minister of Recruitment
PopCap, Minister of Internal Affairs

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:wub: GDA... It's good to have you with us, even if it's just for the day.

o/ Pop and Sippy and BacT and Lego and Fod and Green and Orange and Gold and Lilac and...

Good Luck out there!
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