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We at MCXA love our friends in Sirius. You should not underestimate the camaraderie and friendship between the member alliances of Sirius. They are heavily outnumbered in this war, and we plan to give them some relief tonight. In defense of The Conservative Underground and the Union of Integrated National Entities, the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance declare war on The International and Tetris

To our new opponents and the alliances that will counter us, we wish you the utmost fun, and invite you to #MCXA for joking around, beer, and b!@#$ing about how bad your SDI works.

Courage and Fidelity,
[*] Oli
[*] Rextu
[*] SuperCoolYellow
[*] TimeLine
[*] Jim
[*] Osbornm
[*] Jrkee
[*] Bobo the monkey

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[quote name='King Death II' timestamp='1295761580' post='2593106']
I dont think CnG will be too happy about this :P
On the contrary I believe they will be very happy.

Have at 'em C&G!

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