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Sparta - DoW


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[b][size="3"]O[/size][/b]ne bright day in the middle of the night

[b][size="3"]T[/size][/b]wo dead boys had a fight

[b][size="3"]B[/size][/b]ack to back they faced each other

[b][size="3"]D[/size][/b]rew their swords and shot the other

[b][size="3"]T[/size][/b]he deaf policeman heard the noise

[b][size="3"]A[/size][/b]nd went to shoot the two dead boys

[b][size="3"]I[/size][/b]f you don't believe this lie is true

[b][size="3"]A[/size][/b]sk the blind man, [i]he saw it too[/i]


[center][b]Sparta hereby declares war against Exodus in defense of the Random Insanity Alliance. To victory, we march![/b][/center]
[img]http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b214/lukapaka/wartop.png[/img][/center][center][font="Palatino Linotype"][b][i]Tulak Hord[/i][/b], King of Sparta
[b][i]Lukapaka[/i][/b], King of Sparta
[b][i]Yerushalayim[/i][/b], Ephor of Lykoi
[b][i]Unholy[/i][/b], Ephor of Philoxenia
[b][i]PatBrown1413[/i][/b], Ephor of Mesoa[/font][/center]

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