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What I find myself doing nowadays with my free CN time.

New Carnoly

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Cybernations is dying as you all know, this is bad for me because besides school, sports, and friends this is the only thing I really do. I find myself with a lot of spare time. So I have dedicated some of our time to message new players. Not to recruit them, but to inform them that the game is dying and that we need more people. I know that might sound a little dorky that i have nothing better to do, but Cybernations has entertained me for a while and i don't want it to end. I want to make sure that this is not taken as a "I want credit for what i do" post, but more like a "I suggest you do this aswell if you love this game" post.

[quote]Title: Dear Newest Cybernations Player

I noticed that you recently decided to start playing Cybernations. Anyways, this is not to try and recruit you to my alliance. This is purely for the benefit of you. Cybernations is slowly dying, at its prime we had over 40,000 people! Now we are less then half of that. No action has been taken to address this problem. This is what I am messaging you for, because there is a chance to help you grow. "Referall Bonuses", email the link to all your friends, it will help you and the community! Just make sure they don't sign up on the same computer or play on the same computer as another player. But like I said, you get bonuses and get to help the game! If you would like specific help on growing your nation, I can help with that aswell! Also, I would be honored if you were in need of help choosing an alliance. I have been around a long time, and can help.

Let me me know! [/quote]

I know, it's a little tacky but i have helped out upwards of 50 nations and just started recently.

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You don't have to say the "game is dying"

Who wants to join a game "which is dying", try to word it a little more optimistically. Gets the same message across but don't make the game have a negative image for the new ones, that is not what we want. We have a very active community, you just need to get involved in it.

A better message sent to the new nations, would be to introduce every nation to the CN forums here, and send them to the recruitment Subforum.

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