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Announcement from the People's Order of Truth


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[center][size="7"][color=green][b]FROM THE DESK OF THE SENATOR FOR ECONOMICS
[size="5"]Acting on the Behalf of and at the Request of His Most Imperial Majesty Bluebirdmatt[/color][/b][/size][/size][/center]

Citizens of Planet Bob,

To keep this short and sweet, the People's Order of Truth hereby declares our intention to remain neutral in the current global conflict.

The war may now continue.


The Right Honorable the Lord Price
1st Earl Price of Central Confederacy
Senator of Economics, People's Order of Truth

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[quote name='CelesteA' timestamp='1295664041' post='2590432']
I'm prbably just stupid, but what was the point of this thread? I honestly don't get it.
It's a Shaneprice thread, and [i]you know what that means[/i].

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