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I am extrodinarily bored



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As seems to be necessary, each year's anniversary of my time here comes in the middle of a war in which I am not participating in. Hopefully last year will repeat itself again and this will be rectified soon. Don't really feel like bragging about myself this year (after all, I have a [url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Alestor"]wiki page[/url] for that), so I'll brag about some other people instead:
[list][*]Arrnea: For bringing my home into existence
[*]Jorost: For just being Jorost :wub:
[*]Chimaera: Ditto...well, for being you, not Jorost
[*]Wraith and MvP: You know why
[*]Glen, Tim, and Nick: Wouldn't be here without you
[*]Delta: Your reason will come in our next announcement :v:
[*]Timtacious: If you quit before I have a chance to war you, there will be consequences
[*]Malone: For not nuking my sorry ass
[*]Schrodinger and Tiznoast: For making me not want to roll SLCB :P
[*]potato: You are a scholar and a gentleman
[*]Brennan: Know you'll be late to this, but still :wub: you
[*]bakamitai: I don't think you posted in my one last year, so I'm hoping a name-drop will get me some results
[*]Learz and Haf: You two are largely responsible for me still being here more than 6 months
[*]Tromp: Get your ass back here
[*]Nascar: Can't think of anything witty to say, deal with it[/list]
If your name isn't in this list, it is 6 AM and I probably forgot. Note that I am also too lazy to edit you in, no matter how much you beg [size="1"](unless your begging involves tech)[/size]. Lastly, make me feel better about still being here for two years in the poll.

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I don't think anyone from CN has really bettered my life, but sometimes you say stuff I agree with or make interesting posts. So I think you're one of the better active posters still around.

So keep at it and happy anniversary. o/

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Congratulations on making it to two years. Also, you'd better hope that you don't make it to four... it's pretty terrible in the four-year-club. If you're still playing this game in two years' time, you and I are going to have serious words. :awesome:

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[quote name='Duncan King' timestamp='1295633840' post='2589338']
Sorry, Locke. Since you went all anime, you've been doing nothing but annoying me. You were cool when you were Invicta.
I'm sure he liked anime when he was Invicta, too :v:

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[quote name='Karolina' timestamp='1295634016' post='2589341']
The mere fact you're narcissistic enough to post a poll like this gets you an automatic no from me.
The fact that you couldn't recognize my intentions amuses me. I made it a public poll for a reason; I needed a good laugh at where some people put their answers.

While we're at you, your no amuses me.

[quote name='Duncan King' timestamp='1295635833' post='2589380']
Yes, but he kept it to himself then, he didn't inflict it on others.
Oh hey, wrong again. Well, I don't exactly do much "inflicting," now, unless you think a little forum graphics counts, but nothing's changed much in that regard from when I was in Invicta.

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