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Genesis Declaration of War


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[b][color="#0000FF"][size=4]Genesis Declaration of War[/size][/color][/b][/center]

We aren't interested in starting yet another thread to debate the merits of the CB, just to honor a long standing treaty. We have good friends and allies that are on the other "side" of this conflict, and we love them just the same. We are not in this for sides or ideology, though in the end that is what will probably be remembered.

In accordance with the "Brrds and Lions can be best of friends" pact with the New Polar Order, Genesis hereby recognizes a State of War with FOK. Nothing personal, you just attacked our ally and we can't just sit by and watch them burn.

Signed on behalf of Genesis
[b]Templar, Empirica, Flygirl[/b]
[i]Trinity of Genesis[/i]

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