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Tetris Made New Friends.


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Hello Planet Bob![/center]

Just wanted to post today to tell you guys a little story.

So, a little while ago USMC123 was working on this new weapon for the Tetris Game Patent department when he managed to make a box out of Tetris blocks. Excited, he ran to Logan to show him what he made and Logan was like, "Cool."

USMC123, happy as $%#^ ran off with the box to test it for effectiveness in combat.

First off, he placed it on a range and had a few of his Marines take some shots at it. The bullets passed straight through the box. This box was not bullet proof.

"Well ^%$#." USMC123 thought. Then he got the great idea to have a tank shoot at it. Why USMC123 thought this is a great idea, we don't know. Anyway, USMC123 patched up the box and then had a tank blow it all to hell.

"Lolnoob," said Rhaemyr, and everyone laughed at USMC123.

USMC123, undaunted by the humiliation, rebuilt the box and tried to bomb it.

"That won't work," warned Granat, as USMC123 dropped a JDAM on it.

Sure enough, the bomb blew the box up to.

"You so sirry!" exclaimed BladeX.

Frustrated, USMC123 threw the box into the sea. It floated.

"THE %^@(&$* BOX IS SEAWORTHY!" shouted USMC123.

Suddenly the other Tetrads weren't laughing so hard.

"Wanna see if we can ride in it?" asked Hereno.

"Why not," said ali5541, "I've always wanted to sail in a box made of Tetris blocks."

So the crew jumped in the box and drifted away into the sea, forgetting that they had no way to control where it went.

"Well &#@%," said Dragonknight1000. The others nodded in agreement.

Then it happened.

"There is *#%^@$& Cardboard Box floating in the sea!" exclaimed Logan.

"You have to be $#*^&@$ me," said Pollard, "Cardboard Boxes aren't Seaworthy, I would know. I'm British."

Confused, they float towards the Cardboard Box and eventually bump into it. All of a sudden a talking sword made of pork jumps up and shouts at the Tetris box, "HEY COOL! IT'S A SEAWORTHY TETRIS BOX!"


"It's not just a Seaworthy Cardboard Box, it's a Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Box, and it's not porksword, it's porksaber," replied porksaber.

"Ohhhhhh! That makes so much sense now! I rike you porksaber," said BladeX.

"Yeah, you're pretty cool too BladeX," said porksaber, giggling. "I have some boys back in my hood and would like to offer you guys a deal on their behalf. If you get our backs, we got yours."

Then Logan was like, "Hmmm... how about this, if one of us gets jumped, we'll try to help the other, and if someone pisses one of us off, we'll try to help the other out in the bar fight."

"Why try?" asked porksaber.

"I got this one," said USMC123, "we haven't installed a proper navigation system on our box yet... we may not be able make it if the wind ain't blowing right."

"I feel ya dog. Sounds like a deal," said porksaber, "the only catch is that since we lost our satellite phone, we can't tell anyone."

"And we don't know when we'll hit land," said Logan.

Unable to tell the world, the boxes drifted apart. Eventually, the Tetris box reached shore when someone told them the news. Their new friends in seaworthy boxes got jumped by some thugs from UINE.

"Aww hell naw!" exclaimed USMC123 as they all jumped back in the box.

"I just hope the wind takes us to the right place," said Pollard.

And it did.



EDIT: Fixed a few grammar errors.

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[quote name='Bernkastel' timestamp='1295588226' post='2588370']
This is one alliance I won't mind watching burn down to the ground.

No balls

@Darth Andrew, to be honest, we didn't make this for this war... It just happened to be there. So much for the motivation from the other side... I thought this was one of the most even wars I've seen. *shrugs*

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