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Viridian Entente Declaration of War


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By the power vested in me by the charter of the Viridian Entente, the Animal House Accords are hereby activated and VE declares war on the Siberian Tiger Alliance in defense of Poison Clan and on the Imperial Assault Alliance in defense of iFOK.

[i]For the Viridian Entente:[/i]


[i]Impero[/i], Lord of the Entente
[i]Solaris[/i], Duke of the Entente
[i]Goldie[/i], Secretary of Defense
[i]Cards[/i], Secretary of the Interior
[i]Sethb[/i], Secretary of State
[i]Bob Janova[/i], Secretary of Economics

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[quote name='Penkala' timestamp='1295584773' post='2587904']

See you soon, STA.
more like some insane people will

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While I can't say I'm not happy to see this, because I am, I can say that I feel pretty horrible for NV right now. You didn't even bother to let your MoADP partner know you were attacking their MoADP partner. You guys sure are great allies!

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