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TSCE's Reformation into TSA!

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[center][color=red][size="4"]The Shadow Confederacy Empire's Reformation into The Shadow Accord![/size][/color]

It is with the utmost pleasure and jollity, that today I am able to announce the reformation of The Shadow Confederacy Empire (TSCE) , into The Shadow Accord (TSA)!

The last couple of months for TSCE have been difficult and arduous, bringing effective change was made harder still by our forums limitations, and the lack of engagement and activity displayed. This was always destined to create a quagmire, if not appropriately handled.

The most effectual and long lasting reform I believe, was to reform TSCE into a new, dynamic, creative and open alliance, the like of which has never been seen in either TSC or TSCE's respective histories. This vision was shared by the membership of TSCE, from consul to member and captain to general.

As a result, everyone came together and began work on the new alliance, subtly improving the elements that were lacking in TSCE and improving on our already present strengths, as well as giving us a new image, as well as a new flag to fly above TSA. All of this work made this possible, and so TSA was created and not reneged upon. A new era has begun for, once that sees the alliance stronger than ever before!

A huge thankyou to all who inputted into the creation of our new alliance TSA! o/ all!

Despite our reformation, all of our active treaties within TSCE [color=red]will carry over into TSA[/color], as confirmed by our allies and friends :)

All of the major changes can be seen herein:

Our new forums can be found at: [url]http://s15.zetaboards.com/The_Shadow_Accord/index/[/url]
Our new IRC channel can be found at: #TSA on coldfront

Our new flag: [img]http://i.imgur.com/vjXNa.png[/img]
Our new war flag: [img]http://i.imgur.com/3MVxU.png[/img]

TSA's Imperial Senate:

[color=red]The Emperor[/color] - E.Grievous

[color=blue]The Consul Vizier[/color] - Outsiders
[color=blue]The Consul Commander[/color] - General Milienius

[color=green]The Senator of Foreign Affairs[/color] - Gamefreak666
[color=green]The Senator of Internal Affairs[/color] - Stoopid Ace
[color=green]The Senator of Finance [/color] - Thomasf2k8

[color=green]Aide[/color] - Shadow Lurker
[color=green]Aide[/color] - ConRed
[color=green]Aide[/color] - Wilfried

[color=green]Chief of Communications [/color] - Mido

Please feel free to register on our forums for an embassy, or alternatively join our IRC channel, there is always some form of entertainment on! :D [/center]

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Best of luck in your new incarnation. I must echo the :wub: for the awesome flags.

[quote name='nippy' timestamp='1295533667' post='2586292']
So....the biohazard symbol in the flag....does that represent something?
It's been used in several alliances' war flags; I imagine it took its inspiration from one or some of them.

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[quote name='Michael von Prussia' timestamp='1295534160' post='2586303']
It's been used in several alliances' war flags; I imagine it took its inspiration from one or some of them.

I shudder to think that the existence of the symbol is based upon 'inspiration from another alliance'. Might I have an answer from an actual member of the alliance?

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