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57th Overlanders


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[center][b][u][i]Balls & Bayonets[/i][/u][/b][/center]

[center][i]Yep. A real beauty, ain't she? Yessir.
A right smart purchase, this vessel.
Tell you what, you buy this ship, treat her
proper, she'll be with ya for the rest of
your life.[/i][/center]

The bar was quiet, like it always was. Couple folk passing through. It made enough to stay open, and that was about it. The whole place stank of decay, and half-washed glasses. Decayed and decrepit, it didn't seem to have much going for it, 'cept maybe the bar. A bar which was usually well supplied with booze. A bloke sat in a corner booth facing the door, nodding at the few who passed. A tankard held in his hands, it didn't seem like there was much else that he was holdin' on to, way he was grippin' it. A faded and worn brown trenchcoat was draped across the back of the booth, long since forgotten. There wasn't much light in the bar, and all saw the door swing open. Light spread across the bar for a moment, a dirty brown light that was no more welcome than the open door. It was gone after but a moment. The newcomer let the door close shut behind him. Dressed in black and wearing a preacher's collar, he looked out of place way only a man o' God could in a place like this. The bar had gone quiet, but the new man quieter still and few could make out what was said. All saw the barkeep nod in the direction of the man at the booth though.

[center]Bleary-eyed, the man stared up at the preacher. “Well, 'ello there Shepherd. Didn't reckon I'd be seein' you again.
“Didn't reckon on bein' seen, Cap'n.” the preacher pauses, “Crew needs their Cap'n.”
“Crew needs a ship to be a crew. Nevermind the Cap'n.”[/center]

The preacher grunts, eyeing the man whom he knew had changed. Stuck in a bar, friends within easy reach but still drinking alone? Times had changed, and not for the better. Preacher man pushed himself to his feet, making his way to leave. He had been wrong, there was nothing here.

[center]“Ship like the one we had, be with us til the day we die.”
“Still reckon that was 'cause it was a deathtrap.”
“I don't see you dead Cap'n.”[/center]

The bleary-eyed man's eyebrow rose, and he watched the preacher leave the establishment. If it was quiet before, it was deathly silent now. The man returned to his drink, and the silence remained. Several minutes later, with the drink gone, the man at the booth pulled himself to his feet, dragging the brown trenchcoat up from behind him. For the first time in a long time, he looked at the coat and shook the dust from it. Swinging it up and around his shoulders, he settled into the well-worn material and moved towards the door of the bar. Eyes were on him, cautious and wary.

[center]“You dead yet?”[/center]


[center][b][u]57th Overlanders[/b][/u][/center]

Dear Valued Customers,

The 57th Overlanders is reforming, and moving to a new location on Black Sphere. Comments, queries and outrage may be directed to our President of Customer Relations, Lord Panda.


Veneke, Captain
Lord Panda, President of Customer Relations
Roosterton, Sergeant

All of our relevant information and projections for the next fisal year can be found [URL=http://z10.invisionfree.com/57th_Overlanders/index.php?act=idx]here[/URL].

We'd also like to announce our partnership with Ragnablok Inc.


Also, because we're a little bit crazy, and can't resist a bit of action when its staring us in the face, [b]we hereby declare war on, Poison Clan just like Ragnarok did.[/b] You can direct peace requests and such to them. We're not exactly large, nor do we have much in the way of weapons, cash or common sense by the looks of it. What we do have in abundance are balls and bayonets.

Should you have any complaints or grievances, please send them to CnG, because that's their department.

We're Back....


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As the Overlander's President of Customer Relations, I'd like to say that's it great to be back.

Also, I've broken into the rum stores. So I may have declared early, but who cares.


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[quote name='Roosterton' timestamp='1295502801' post='2585417']
Who needs a large alliance, when you have an abundance of balls, bayonets, and a love for roleplaying?

To each is own! Have fun in the fight.

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Welcome back to the 'verse, boys. I kept your seats warm for ya.

o/ The 57th Overlanders (FINALLY)
o/ RoK, for protecting these dumb !@#$%^&* (and I say that with all the love in my heart, as a former member :wub: )
o/ Polar, for just being awesome

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