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Mirin Seaworthy Declaration brahs?

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So liek I was all faffing about over in the SLCB gov forums and they were all like prepare for war, tensions are high, build warchests!

I was all like [img]http://i37.tinypic.com/2mws3ee.jpg[/img]

But then I saw that some unsavory alliances attacked our good friends iFOK and Poison Clan

I was all like [img]http://www.sogacity.com/gif/reactionitalianspiderma.gif[/img]

Obviously the only reason for those declarations was to challenge us at SLCB.

And I'm all like [img]http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee338/OUjkaj/gladje4ch71.gif[/img]

And then I was all like


For those of you that [img]http://i44.tinypic.com/2hxx6pk.gif[/img]

[b]SLCB declares WAR on Ragnarok and The Imperial Order[/b]

And for all those who want to attack


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I am meeting an old friend on the battlefield. It is a sad day for my nation when friends turn against friends, but in times of war it is a must. We knew this day would come though, came close last war I believe.

Thus I sail in my box out to war at sea. Cardboard boxes stocked with weapons. To war, I say!
You may think a carboard box is an easy target, but being so small it is hard to hit. I had some cardboard submarines also but, well, the people who tested them didnt come back. Cardboard can float maybe but I don't think it does so well submerged...

Anywho, I shall meet Tarikmo in battle cardboard clashing against... well whatever you all use. Armored polar bears? On second thought this doesnt sound like a good idea.

:wub: Tarikmo :wub:

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