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R&R Announcement of... war?


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Today, R&R is pleased to announce we still have friends in CN.

The Great C.S. Lewis once said; [i]“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one!”[/i]

Today we are here to declare on an alliance we fought several times before, an alliance that has left us with a bad taste in our mouth. During karma they attacked us and got of easily, During Bi-Polar they attacked us and escaped from our payback. Today we will finish the job that started so long ago.

Let it be known that third time is STILL the charm!

R&R hereby declares war on UPN and USN along side our friends in CMEA in defense of iFOK.

[required lulz]
[/required lulz]

[b]EgoFreaky[/b] - [i]Triumvir[/i]
[b]LincolnC[/b] - [i]Triumvir[/i]
[b]DVDCCHN[/b] - [i]Triumvir[/i]

[b]Simms[/b] [i]Minister of Foreign Affairs[/i]
[b]Stealthy[/b] - [i]Deputy of Foreign Affairs[/i]
[b]Andy Roberts[/b] - [i]Minister of Interior[/i]
[b]Dannyboy[/b] - [i]Chief Judge[/i]

PS: We also declare in defense of the FOK nations hit by UPN, good target selection guys!

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Pretty much expected.

[quote name='Tromp' timestamp='1295441603' post='2583762']
[quote name='Altheus' timestamp='1295441000' post='2583751']
And yet somehow I know we will be counter-declared on, thereby solving the dilemma ;)
Why waste good resources on you? I know I wouldn't.
2 points for Alt, 0 for Tromp.

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So Tromp, I do believe I was right. :awesome:

[quote name='Haflinger' timestamp='1295498097' post='2584895']
2 points for Alt, 0 for Tromp.
Hey, I get one too. :(

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