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tLW Declaration of War on That Other One

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Brothers and sisters around our dear Planet Bob,

We realize that many of you probably don’t know us too well. I stand before you as the Chairman and leader of The Lost World and that doesn’t mean much to most. However, I also stand before you as a man that doesn’t forget his friends. The New Polar Order has had faith in our alliance from day one, and have been our allies since our very existence. They’ve helped us grow and watched over us while we were small.

We recognize we’re not a large alliance, nor is our involvement enough to turn the tide in any war, but we can stand on our own two feet and honor our friendships and our word. We will stand beside our protector, our ally, our friend.

The Lost World hereby recognizes a state of war with the nations of iFOK.

I shall also take this time to announce that Silver Empress has returned to active government as our Public Relations Director ("OMG SILVER IS BACK I LOVE HER SO MUCH"). Remember if there are any questions please feel free to ask them, I can be reached on these forums or in our IRC channel #lostworld on Coldfront, or on our forums found [url="http://z3.invisionfree.com/TheLostWorld/index.php?"]here (click)[/url].

Also, obligatory dinosaur related humor:


tl;dr - The Lost World activates the Treaty of Ingen with the New Polar Order, and declares war on iFOK.


-Bones Malone, Chairman and Founder
The Lost World

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