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A Recognition of Hostility

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[size="4"]A Recognition of Hostility[/size][/center]

Hello Cyber people. I am here to acknowledge a state of war between the New Polar Order and the forces of The VE, PC, and that other one. Quite a few alliances in this world want to take a swing at Polaris, and a few of them finally did. The problem was, it helps to have a nice CB handed to you to make the war declaration go easier. However seeing as how we are an alliance that minds our own business most of the time, we did not provide one. Impatient with how long we were taking to provide one, one was created, so it goes. By now most have heard the story, and a section of some logs are posted in the VE's Declaration of War.  First I will explain what really happened in the past, and then I will tell you what will happen in the future.

My Regent, Dajobo did not order or involve himself in any spying, and there are no logs that can be read in good faith to indicate otherwise. My Regent did, however receive a set of screenshots. Which is to say, he received a message with images in it. I've been in this place for coming up on five years now. The way it has always worked is, someone sends you screenshots of an alliance's forum, you go to that alliance, give them the screenshots and help them bust their spy. At least, that's how it worked if you were doing things right. Fairly standard diplomatic process. However in this case, that was not allowed to happen. Within an exceptionally short amount of time after said screenshots were sent to my Regent, the VE was prepping for war.

[quote][2011-01-17 13:35:31] <Sprog> Hey
[2011-01-17 13:36:02] <Dajobo|NpO|> hey Lennox
[2011-01-17 13:36:21] <Sprog> did you get my pm?
[2011-01-17 13:36:43] <Dajobo|NpO|> I did and was going to reply when I knew the answer
[2011-01-17 13:36:50] <Dajobo|NpO|> but forgot...
[2011-01-17 13:36:53] <Dajobo|NpO|> sorry
[2011-01-17 13:37:12] <Dajobo|NpO|> also I get an error when trying to view the links
[2011-01-17 13:37:18] <Dajobo|NpO|> will try again
[2011-01-17 13:37:35] <Sprog> Ok try and if not ill upload them to photobucket instead of image shack
[2011-01-17 13:38:45] <Dajobo|NpO|> You have tried to load a page on imageshack.us, but there was an error. Please press back and try again.
[2011-01-17 13:38:45] <Dajobo|NpO|> This error has been logged, and we will investigate it immediately. There is no need to contact us about this issue.
[2011-01-17 13:39:01] <Sprog> ok let me upload to another site
[2011-01-17 13:39:11] <Dajobo|NpO|> k
[2011-01-17 13:44:21] <Sprog> making the message now
[2011-01-17 13:46:12] <Dajobo|NpO|> ta
[2011-01-17 13:46:20] <Sprog> sent
[2011-01-17 13:47:58] <Sprog> did the links work this time?
[2011-01-17 13:54:33] <Dajobo|NpO|> on the phone with a customer atm
[2011-01-17 14:01:53] <Sprog> Ok
[2011-01-17 14:03:33] <Dajobo|NpO|> worked now ty
[2011-01-17 14:03:53] <Sprog> you're welcome
[2011-01-17 14:04:05] <Sprog> How do their warchest compare to yours?
[2011-01-17 14:04:16] <Dajobo|NpO|> similar
[2011-01-17 14:04:41] <Dajobo|NpO|> and I think they have most nations that are big enough that matter in compliance
[2011-01-17 14:04:46] <Dajobo|NpO|> or close to it
[2011-01-17 14:08:04] <Sprog> think you can beat them?
[2011-01-17 14:09:42] <Dajobo|NpO|> prolly
[2011-01-17 14:09:58] <Dajobo|NpO|> if they attack us I think we'd be hard
[2011-01-17 14:10:06] <Dajobo|NpO|> we are ready for war
[2011-01-17 14:10:18] <Sprog> any reason they would attack?
[2011-01-17 14:10:31] <Sprog> besides the fact that they just dont like you?
[2011-01-17 14:10:35] <Dajobo|NpO|> none
[2011-01-17 14:10:48] <Dajobo|NpO|> we have no issues with them
[2011-01-17 14:10:57] <Dajobo|NpO|> exept they dont like us
[2011-01-17 14:10:59] <Dajobo|NpO|> lol
[2011-01-17 14:11:03] <Sprog> yea
[2011-01-17 14:11:18] <Sprog> I wish the "we dont like you" CB was used more often[/quote]

By the time Dajobo and I were able to be online to address the issue (per standard process), we were denied the chance to do so. Impero refused to hear it out. He already knew.

[2011-01-18 11:16:38] <Dajobo|NpO|> hey Impero you have a minute?
[2011-01-18 12:00:28] <Impero[VE]> im not sure what their is to talk about
[2011-01-18 12:01:36] <Dajobo|NpO|> not a lot really but you can decide what you think or you can have full and unedited logs of every word said
[2011-01-18 12:01:47] <Impero[VE]> but ill ask anyway: do you have some sort of amazing explaination for your dealings with lennox?
[2011-01-18 12:02:25] <Dajobo|NpO|> nothing amazing but the truth if you want it
[2011-01-18 12:03:02] <Impero[VE]> i have the truth already
[2011-01-18 12:03:09] <Impero[VE]> in that case, i need to be afk again
[2011-01-18 12:03:14] <Impero[VE]> have a good night
[2011-01-18 12:05:32] <Dajobo|NpO|> Ok your call, you will be the one who looks like a fool though.
[2011-01-18 12:05:39] <Dajobo|NpO|> goodnight.

Now, he wasn't really afk of course, he just had a war to prep. I sent Dajobo back to try again.

[12:14]   <Dajobo|NpO|>   So you want to know what's going on or not?
[12:14]   <Impero[VE]>   like i said before, if you have an explaination let me hear it
[12:16]   <Impero[VE]>   ?
[12:17]   <Dajobo|NpO|>   basically I thought Lennox was being his usual self
[12:17]   <Dajobo|NpO|>   dicking around and bored with it in three weeks and gne again
[12:18]   <Dajobo|NpO|>   so I played along with him
[12:18]   <Dajobo|NpO|>   the worst I expected was the usual "VE hate you and want to roll you"
[12:18]   <Dajobo|NpO|>   we hear that daily
[12:18]   <Dajobo|NpO|>   then yesterday he sent screen shots which I thought were garbage
[12:19]   <Dajobo|NpO|>   I didn't even tell my own Govt because why would a member of two days be given warchest info?
[12:19]   <Dajobo|NpO|>   so I figured they were rubbish
[12:19]   <Dajobo|NpO|>   seems that either I was right or he was given that for a reason
[12:21]   <Impero[VE]>   alright, so your explaination is you were "playing along"
[12:21]   <Impero[VE]>   im sure you will understand if i dont believe you
[12:21]   <Dajobo|NpO|>   I knew what he said he would do
[12:21]   <Dajobo|NpO|>   no question
[12:22]   <Dajobo|NpO|>   but I didn't expect him to send screen shots of stuff no ordinary member can see
[12:22]   <Dajobo|NpO|>   considering he told you who he was
[12:22]   <Dajobo|NpO|>   why would you supply him with that?
[12:23]   <Impero[VE]>   what he sent you was check in statistics
[12:24]   <Dajobo|NpO|>   I figured there is no way known a member of less than a week gets given warchest info
[12:24]   <Impero[VE]>   so, youve said your piece and i listened, but honestly "i was just playing along" isent going to exculpate you
[12:24]   <Dajobo|NpO|>   so therefor ignored it as bogus
[12:24]   <Impero[VE]>   if you have nothing besides that theres nothing more to talk about
[12:25]   <Dajobo|NpO|>   well sometimes the truth isn't that exciting
[12:25]   <Dajobo|NpO|>   the only reason you hadn't already been told of them was I didn't believe they were real
[12:30]   <Dajobo|NpO|>   I was before convinced they were bogus, I'm now convinced you gave then to him on purpose to try and set this up

For the record I concour with my Regent. [b]20 hours[/b] after Lennox gave some (probably fake) screenshots to Dajobo, a Declaration of War is posted. Lennox, of course, remains a member in good standing of the VE. After all, he has done his duty. He got them a war they wanted pretty badly.

So now let's talk about the future. As I said earler, Pandora's Box has wanted a war with Polaris. Now that they have set us up, and have made their move, we have said war. It is going to hurt both parties, and frankly Polaris needed the exercise anyway. While I am not a fan of the method used to launch this war it is what it is. Once again Polaris has been attacked for the crime of existing, once again we will inflict heavy damage on our enemies, and once again we will prevail and prosper. Our members will get new ribbons, we will gain new friends, and we will see which allies are true ones. I hope everyone has a good time and when this all wraps up we can have a good laugh. Or plan revenge, whichever one seems like a better idea at the time.

Have fun folks, and feel free to speak to a Polar rep if you want additional information regarding why this is silly or instructions on how to join us and fire bullets at the heathens at the gates.

Emperor of Polaris

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[quote name='RandomInterrupt' timestamp='1295331704' post='2580432']
and we will see which allies are true ones.

I'll confess I don't really expect you to pull your allies in, especially not ones tied to Big Brother. Granted, whether an alliance rides to your defense or not is not the only determining factor in what makes one a "true ally," but I can't imagine I'm the only one who read it that way upon a first pass.

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[quote name='RandomInterrupt' timestamp='1295331704' post='2580432']Once again Polaris has been attacked for the crime of existing[/quote]

I don't know about last time, but I believe this time you have been attacked for the crime of spying.

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The truth always shows up...

We stand strong, and will stand strong until the end of days.

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The whole situation is suspicious this is the second time a spy has been found within VE that's still in VE and under good terms with them as well, of course both times it's happened it's benefited VE one way or another. I'm not saying I know the entire situation and I'm trying not to make that claim but it's rather odd.

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[quote name='Fallen Fool' timestamp='1295332097' post='2580470']
When a good soldier receives his orders he follows them.
Some orders are easier to follow than others :‌o)

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