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A Slightly Smaller DoW


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[size="5"][color=green]Announcement of The Order of Misfit Nations[/color][/size][/center]

The Viridian Entente has been an impeccable protector, a fast friend, and an immaculate ally over the past 14 months. We declared war on the New Polar Order in support of VE during the Bi-Polar War, and we shall do so again in this one. Our small, steam-punk themed community is not often in the spotlight, but our mechanized troops, constructed by the effort of the industrial masses, will always move out for our allies.


Her Radiant Honor, Illustrious Emissary MaskofBlue. The Finder of the Misfit's Friends.
His Sublime Magnificence, Grand Duke Frodark. The Keeper of Misfit Affairs.

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VE and Company really needed your help, badly. Now, the sides are truly even.

I don't know what I'd do without such honorable alliances.



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