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Declaration of War From the Viridian Entente

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[B][COLOR=darkGreen][SIZE=5]Declaration of War[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B][/CENTER]

There are certain things that are universally accepted as transgressions that warrant war. Chief among them perhaps, at least historically, are matters of espionage. When a party endeavors to facilitate, aid, or direct the mining of private information belonging to another alliance, action must be taken. The question then is against whom, and it is our belief that the actions of an alliance's government must be imputed upon the alliance itself, rather than the individual, and this is even truer when the aid is rendered by an official of high standing.

Here, we have exactly such a situation. The New Polar Order has facilitated, aided, directed, and enabled acts of espionage against the Viridian Entente. An individual was aimed at our alliance via their Regent Dajobo, where he then gathered secure information and funneled it directly back to Dajobo himself. This individual; referred to in the evidence below and in other circles as Chancy, Sprog, Lennox, The Peoples Champ, and Rattlin Bones; originally conceived of this plan alongside Dajobo by thinking of Viridia as a target. However, after spending some time within our shining city on a hill, his attitude drastically changed, and he came to me with the honest tale of his original intent. The evidence of culpability below paints a clear picture, and while Dajobo may have slapped on a facial disclaimer in the original logs, we do not feel this exculpates him or his alliance whatsoever in light of the lengths he went to retrieve the information in question as related by the screen shots. As such, our hands are tied. We can only have one response.

The Viridian Entente hereby declares war on the New Polar Order.

[I]Signed for the Viridian Entente[/I],


[I]Impero[/I], Lord of the Entente
[I]Solaris[/I], Duke of the Entente
[I]Goldie[/I], Secretary of Defense
[I]Cards[/I], Secretary of the Interior
[I]Sethb[/I], Secretary of State
[I]Bob Janova[/I], Secretary of Economics

[QUOTE]20:13 Chancy Hi
20:18 Dajobo|NpO| hi
20:19 Chancy I have some very valuable information regarding MK's future intentions if you would like to receive a screenshot
20:20 Dajobo|NpO| obviously I would love to see it but I cant condone spying
20:21 Dajobo|NpO| so I will need to decline
20:21 Dajobo|NpO| If you'd like to leak the info without being busted may I suggest CNTel
20:22 Chancy Just !@#$@#$ with you its Lennox
20:22 Dajobo|NpO| haha
20:22 Chancy I didn't want to get query bombed so I am on irc anonymously
20:22 Dajobo|NpO| how you doing?
20:22 Chancy good
20:22 Chancy hows cn
20:22 Dajobo|NpO| interesting
20:23 Dajobo|NpO| we actually have a pretty good idea of MK intentions
20:23 Chancy which are?
20:24 Chancy to kill SF hopefully
20:24 Dajobo|NpO| I think long term maybe but we are the target first
20:25 Chancy Lol why you?
20:26 Dajobo|NpO| because Random told them what he thought of them
20:26 Dajobo|NpO| they are all butthurt
20:26 Dajobo|NpO| lol
20:28 Chancy lmao what did he say
20:28 Dajobo|NpO| I actuall forget what it was but he served them pretty hard
20:29 Chancy who is the biggest alliance?
20:29 Chancy MHA?
20:29 Dajobo|NpO| yeah
20:29 Dajobo|NpO| maybe pacifica
20:29 Dajobo|NpO| MHA has so many ghosts it's hard to know the real numbers
20:30 Chancy NPO are !@#$%*^
20:30 Dajobo|NpO| on paper MHA well and truly
[B]20:33 Chancy I should spy on MHA
20:33 Chancy Just to make them mad
20:33 Dajobo|NpO| nah they aren't the enemy
20:34 Dajobo|NpO| pick domeone worth spying on
20:35 Chancy Give me suggestions
20:36 Dajobo|NpO| VE or MK are the two who are heavily involved in world politics
20:36 Dajobo|NpO| anything that happens will come through them first
20:39 Chancy I will consider spying on VE[/B]
20:39 Chancy Because MK's members are too annoying and retarded to be around
20:39 Chancy except
20:39 Dajobo|NpO| lol
20:39 Dajobo|NpO| you missed the game that much already?
20:39 Chancy Im having a hard time mustering up the motivation to make an application
20:39 Chancy Lol
20:39 Chancy no
20:40 Chancy $%&@ that
20:40 Chancy I hate this game
20:40 Chancy (Im home for break and I'm THAT bored)
20:40 Dajobo|NpO| lol
20:41 Chancy I really dont want to have to do an academy either
20:41 Dajobo|NpO| I dont know if they have one
20:43 Chancy ughhhhhhhhh
20:44 Chancy wont they catch my IP adress?
20:44 Dajobo|NpO| I dont know if they check them
20:45 Dajobo|NpO| also you have fixed IP?
20:46 Chancy actually $%&@ it i dont even give a !@#$ if i get caught haha
20:46 Chancy i dont know why i was concerned
[B]20:47 Chancy ok you have to pick my nation name and ruler name
20:47 Chancy because my creativeness is absent
20:48 Dajobo|NpO| Rattlin Bones
20:48 Chancy lol
20:48 Dajobo|NpO| Coffin City
20:48 Chancy ok
20:48 Chancy fair enough
20:48 Dajobo|NpO| no
20:48 Chancy ok
20:49 Dajobo|NpO| nation name Cemetery Lot 37
20:49 Dajobo|NpO| lol[/B]
20:49 Chancy lol any significance behind that name
20:50 Dajobo|NpO| You could have a ton of fun with that theme
20:50 Dajobo|NpO| no reason
20:50 Chancy oh ok
20:50 Dajobo|NpO| they played the song Rattlin Bones on the radio this morning
20:50 Chancy haha
20:50 Dajobo|NpO| our flag used to be custom 37
20:50 Chancy im just going to take screenshots and !@#$
20:51 Chancy i dont really care about any of that other !@#$
20:52 Dajobo|NpO| fair enough
20:59 Chancy ok nation bio?
21:00 Dajobo|NpO| nfi
21:00 Chancy what does that mean
21:01 Dajobo|NpO| no !@#$@#$ idea
21:01 Chancy oh
21:01 Chancy lol
21:01 Chancy I put my nation in australia in honor of you
21:02 Dajobo|NpO| you're a great man
21:02 Dajobo|NpO| I still mourn your loss of the death star
21:02 Chancy ha
21:04 Chancy ok so ve? or mk? or should i see what recruitment messages i get
21:05 Chancy (I really REALLY dont have a preference)
21:05 Dajobo|NpO| seeing what yuo get for a day could be fun
21:05 Dajobo|NpO| also looks a heap less suspect if you join from a message
21:06 Chancy nah ill just say i was a member of some disbanded alliance
21:06 Chancy like atlantis or ONOS
21:06 Chancy it works every time
21:07 Chancy b/c that way they cant confirm anything
21:07 Dajobo|NpO| haha
21:07 Dajobo|NpO| sneaky
21:12 Chancy UPN, TIO, RnR, SNAFU, and GPA sent me messages
21:12 Chancy I should join GPA for the irony
21:12 Dajobo|NpO| lolno...
21:13 Dajobo|NpO| that would be like spying on a footpath
21:13 Dajobo|NpO| not looking at the peple or anything
21:13 Chancy lol
21:13 Dajobo|NpO| just watching the concrete erode
21:14 Chancy Am I supposed to be taking screenshots of whatever the govt. says, or just everything
21:14 Chancy to make them angry
21:14 Dajobo|NpO| what ever floats your boat
21:15 Dajobo|NpO| I'm not part of this just lolling with you
21:15 Chancy way to cover your ass
21:15 Dajobo|NpO| sif you need me to tell you what is interesting
21:15 Dajobo|NpO| no ass covering
21:16 Dajobo|NpO| just no need to tell you how to do !@#$
21:16 Dajobo|NpO| you know what you are doing already
21:16 Chancy I should just tell impero this is lennox
21:16 Chancy so i get into VE fast [/QUOTE]




[size="1"]...and yes, before anyone starts, the early DoW is due to peacemode jumpers. [/size]

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