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Complaining and Grieving


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I'll keep it somewhat short and sweet. We are a MADP bloc as well as a bloc that is well known for sticking together through thick and thin. As such do not lightly accept new members. Before any new alliance joins our group, we have to all trust them to adopt the mentality described above, while we in turn have to be willing to make that MADP commitment back to them. This is a legacy of the days when this bloc was created as a 'suicide pact.'

Luckily, in The International we have found group of nations that understands the culture and commitment of C&G and whom we, as a group, feel will be a fine addition to the bloc. Time and time again The International have shown themselves to be classy individuals and loyal friends. We can think of no one we trust more to fight alongside us and guard our back.

As such, I am honored to officially welcome The International into the Complaints and Grievances Bloc.

[b]For Athens:[/b]
rsoxbronco1 - Archon Eponymous
RushSykes - Archon Basileus
FyfeXIV - Minister of Foreign Affairs
Londo - Minister of Defense
Azelie - Minister of Economics
Voodoo - Minister of Media
Medtech - Minister of Education

[b]For The Greenland Republic:[/b]
Archon: ilselu1
Vice-Archon: Bart
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Gn0x
Minister of Defence: ff0000
Minister of Finance: Sal Paradise
Minister of the Interior: Cripple
Senate: Horatio II, Septimoose, Kestral, Trebekistan, Nighthunter
For The Orange Defense Network:[/b]
Secretary General: OsRavan
Secretary of the Interior: Twazzlepop
Secretary of Economics: Lucius Aerillius
Secretary of Defense: itseze
Secretary of State: Joracy

Senate XXXIX:
Istus, Anthemist, Yankeefan924, Proximus, JWZepf

[b]For The International:[/b]
The Congress of The International

[b]For LOST[/b]


"The very existence of flamethrowers proves that sometime, somewhere, someone said to themselves, 'You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done'."

-- George Carlin

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