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Alpha Dawg

Yet another ice moon

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[b][center]So I'd like to have a little story time....Gather around children[/b][/center]

[quote][center][i]In the year of '39
Assembled here the volunteers
In the days when lands were few.
Here the ship sailed out into the blue and sunny mornin',
The sweetest sight ever seen.[/i]

The air in the control room was unbelievably still. Some would say it wasn't moving. Others would say it had stopped. I personally have no idea why they can't just accept "still".

The robot operator's voice came over the intercom, announcing that he was approaching alien surface. Slowly, ever so slowly, we watched the spacecraft touch down. Slowly, the little legs unfurled, gripping into the ice, and the entire unit extended. If it weren't for the uncomfortable atmosphere in the control room, I'd have found that last sentence slightly erotic.

[i]Don't you hear my call
Though you're many years away?
Don't you hear me calling you?
Write your letters in the sand
For the day I take your hand
In the land that our grandchildren knew.[/i]

The robot began collecting samples from the surface and analyzing them. We needed to find a new place to live, ever since Deebo screwed everything up on Europa. This planet seemed peaceful, and it wasn't too different from what we were used to. But then we saw it; a flash of darkness on the screen. It got closer, and closer, and closer. We were expecting a Deep Blue Sea-eske camera loss, but we were wrong. We noticed the figure had a box in his hands. The light hit the box just right, and we saw "Natural Ice" written on it. We noticed his double-lax sticks on his back, his sick polo shirt, and we knew we'd found a friend.

[i]In the year of '39
Came a ship in from the blue,
The volunteers came home that day.
And they bring good news Of a world so newly born,
Though their hearts so heavily weigh.[/i]

And so it went. Europa had found a new friend, a smaller force we felt it proper to protect. The planet's name was Callisto, found orbiting our home world of Jupiter. And we pledged to protect it until the day we died. For in Callisto, we saw a little bit of us. Well, that's the way life works sometimes, isn't it?[/center][/quote]

[center]It is my absolute pleasure to announce the Existance of my alliance, Callisto.
I founded callisto, roughly 6 days ago, and it was just me; 1 nation 200 strength.

[u][b]Now this is what we are currently at[/u][/b]


[center][b][u]Alliance IRC:[/b][/u][/center] [center]#cncallisto[/center]
[center][b][u]Alliance Forums:[/b][/u][/center] [center][url=http://callisto.b1.jcink.com/index.php?]Located here[/url][/center]
[center][b][u]Alliance Team Color:[/b][/u][/center] [center]Blue[/center]

[center][b][color=blue]Count:[/color] Alpha Dawg[/center][/b]
[center][b][color=blue]Triumvirate of Internal Affairs[/color] - To be Discovered[/center][/b]
[center][b][color=blue]Triumvirate of Foreign Affairs[/color] - Snow Wolf[/center][/b]
[center][b][color=blue]Triumvirate of War[/color] - Darkslayer2[/center][/b]


[SIZE=3]Article I. Admission to Callisto[/SIZE]

Before posting your application with the following, please know that you MUST be active on the forums to gain membership. Lack of Forum and (or) IRC activity will result in you being kicked from the alliance.

To gain entry into Callisto you must fill out the following application.

[CODE]Nation Name:
Nation Link:
Nation Color:
Nation Strength:
Previous Alliances
Previous Government Positions, if any:
What do you have to offer to Callisto?:
Will you be active on the forums? y/n:[/CODE]

[SIZE=3]Article II. Membership of Callisto[/SIZE]

Full members of Callisto must keep their alliance affiliation set to "Callisto", unless authorized to do so.

Any member, who receives money from another Callisto member, does so with the knowledge that the money is to be used for nation growth. Should any Callisto member choosing to leave, that person will be required to pay back any and all funds received from Callisto.
Should he/she fail to repay all funds, that member accepts and acknowledges that Callisto has the right to pursue said nation with any and all means, whether it be attacking your nation or demanding money be paid back from your new alliance.


To leave Callisto, you must post a resignation in the proper place on the forums. You must state:
1. Why you are leaving
2. If received aid from Callisto, must state when you are going to pay back said debt.


Any member that gives internal information out toward other alliances will be expelled from Callisto with a permanent zi.
Any Callisto member that nukes first, without the permission from the government will be expelled with permanent zi.
Callisto receives the right to expel anyone for asshattery, being a complete dumb ass, and yeah that's pretty much it.

[SIZE=3]Article III. Government Structure[/SIZE]


The count is in charge of keeping the alliance together, and if he feels the need too, he can impeach a triumvirate. The Count holds the final say, but can listen to the triumvirates for advice on what to do. The Count can be impeached only if 70% of the alliance agrees to, and if he is doing a reckless job. However the Triumvirates can override the Count with either 70% approval from alliance, or with all 3 triumvirates.


The Triumvirates of Callisto will be broken down into three divisions; Triumvirate of War, triumvirate of Foreign Affairs, and Triumvirate of Internal Affairs.
The Triumvirates hold life time positions unless any member or government official believe they are not moving in the correct direction. 70% of the government and member body must agree to impeach a triumvirate.

Triumvirate of Internal Affairs

The Triumvirate of Internal Affairs will be head of making sure each nation learns everything he/she needs to know from learning the basics of running your nation to being a loyal active member of Callisto. The Triumvirate of Internal Affairs will also be in charge of recruiting, and making sure each nation gets the best trades possible with their resources. Along with these tasks the Triumvirate of Internal Affairs will be in charge of assisting in aid programs and tech dealing.

Triumvirate of Foreign Affairs

The Triumvirate of Foreign Affairs will be in charge of making sure Callisto is protected and is gaining more allies on Planet Bob. If for some reason bad relations between alliances start, the Triumvirate of Foreign Affairs will work to fix things and work out any hostility. The Triumvirate of Foreign Affairs will also be in charge of making sure that Callisto is spread throughout the CN community, through embassies, irc channels, etc. The Triumvirate of Foreign Affairs can sign treaties as long as 65% of the government approve and 65% of the alliance body approves.

Triumvirate of War

The Triumvirate of War will be in charge of the war battalions and making sure each member of the alliance is put in the proper place. He/she will also be in charge of making sure that in war ready times, that each nation has proper war chest, and each nation understands the fundamentals of the warring system. The Triumvirate of War can declare war upon an alliance with at least 65% of the government officials approval.


The ministers will be appointed by the alliance body with a 65% approval. The ministers will serve as deputies to the Triumvirates. If the Triumvirate feels a need to get rid of a minister because of his lack of work, he must then bring it up with the alliance body or get the approval of the triumvirates and (or) count to get a new one, however the alliance must approve.
Ministers are voted on at the beginning of every other month.

Minister of Internal Affairs

The Minister of Internal Affairs will serve as second in command of the internal affairs department, the Triumvirate of Internal Affairs will give the MoIA assignments that need to be done.
The Minister of Internal Affairs is in charge of recruiting, running an academy (making guides) and can start anything he feels that needs to be done in the internal affairs department as long as he has the approval of the Triumvirate of internal affairs and the Count.

Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Minister of Foreign Affairs will serve as second in command of the Foreign Affairs department. The MoFA will deal with keeping up with the embassies, assisting the Triumvirate of Foreign affairs as needed. The Minister of Foreign Affairs will help make sure that Callisto's allies are not under any distress.

Minister of War

The Minister of War will serve as second in command of the War Department. The MoW will help make sure any nations that are not in their war battalions, make it there. He/she will make sure that each nation has a basic understanding of what to do when a war arises.

[SIZE=3]Article IV. Aggression[/SIZE]

All war authorizations must be passed through either the Triumvirate of War, or the Minister of War.

Any member that starts a war without permission will be warned once, and the second time expelled from the alliance with a possible zi.

Members found using nuclear warfare without authorization will be punished with a permanent zi and will be expelled from the alliance.

[SIZE=3]Article V. Amendments[/SIZE]

Any Amendment done to this charter must be passed through the government and through the alliance body with an approval rating of 60%.

[SIZE=4][i]Signed, Alpha Dawg
Count of Callisto [/i][/SIZE][/quote][/center]


Suprise, I love you!

In order to ensure proper growth conditions, Europa and Callisto do hereby enter into this treaty of theb protection.

Article I: Peace
Neither signatory may enter any kind of war against the other, be it militarily or in any other way, as this is a violation of this treaty. Doing so immediately will void this treaty.

Article II: Economic Unity
Callisto agrees to give Europa nations priority over outsiders when it comes to tech deals. This is not a requirement, but is highly recommended, like safety in the 20's.

Article III: Protection
Europa hereby agrees to treat any and all attacks against Callisto as an attack against Europa itself and deal with them appropriately. If a diplomatic end to the crisis is not likely or practical, Europa will declare a state of war with the offending party.

Article IV: Optional Defense
Should Europa come under attack, Callisto has the option, but is not required to, defend Europa by any means it sees proper.

Article V: Outside Treaties
Callisto is allowed to pursue outside treaties as it sees fit; however, at least 24 hours notice of the treaty intentions must be given to Europa before the treaty can go all international and stuff.

Article VI: Cancellation
Should either party decide to go all Kurt Cobain on this treaty, they may do so by giving the other party 72 hours notice. Should Callisto find it no longer needs protection, this treaty will be terminated and further ties will likely be established.

Article VII: tl;dr
Tl;dr, you touch Callisto, we're gonna bring a world of pain. Well, not a world, maybe like a large city or something.

Signed for Europa:
Ernesto Che Guevara, Grand Ayatollah
Deebo, Mint Ayatollah
Lewis Cowper, Strawberry Ayatollah
Mothman, Vanilla Ayatollah

Signed for Callisto:
Alpha Dawg, Count[/quote][/center]

Edited by Alpha Dawg

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Congrats Alpha Dawg, you're off to a good start already. Be sure to stop by our forums and IRC channel too.

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Congrats to our friends and allies. You've got a good start there, Alpha Dawg. Make sure to keep the momentum going, and you should do alright.

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[quote name='Prodigal Moon' timestamp='1295158425' post='2576801']
Taking the term "satellite" to a whole new level.

Okay, I laughed out loud at that one.

[quote name='The Reccesion' timestamp='1295158478' post='2576802']
This is lame...... very lame.

You said Monday. :((

That was my fault, I had him DoE today because they were looking more and more delicious to raid.

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[quote]This is lame...... very lame.

You said Monday. :(([/quote]

[quote]That was my fault, I had him DoE today because they were looking more and more delicious to raid.[/quote]

yes blame it on the chax, he made me do it, tyranny i say.

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[quote name='Alpha Dawg' timestamp='1295248877' post='2578439']
yes blame it on the chax, he made me do it, tyranny i say.

I'm pretty terrible.

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Congrats Alpha,

Also, Chax sucks (But not as much as Deebo)

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