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Still Standing...

Jharius II

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[center][color="#FF8C00"]"Anima de Aquila"[/color]
(Spirit of an Eagle)[/center]

[center][quote]May you have the strength
Of eagles' wings,
The faith and courage to
Fly to new heights,
And the wisdom
Of the universe
To carry you there.[/quote][/center]

[center][b]Nations of PlanetBob, I would like to announce that today The Last Republic has been in existance for 90 days. I know this is not a big accomplishment but the nations of The Last Republic feel we have accomplished alot in this short period of time. We at The Last Republic just wanted to give the nations of PlanetBob a view of what we have done in 90 days and inform you that we are still here.[/b][/center]


[center][b]We would like to extend a big thanks to the following people:[/b]

[i][b]The Legion[/b]
(For protectin our....)

[b]New Polar Order[/b]
(Friendship and Tech Agreements)


[b]Grand Lodge of Freemasons[/b]


Forums: http://therepublic.userboard.net/
irc: #lastrepublic

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[quote name='kuhnini' timestamp='1294963654' post='2574483']
Nice accomplishment and a great group you folks have there. I see great things in your future and I think sojo still hasn't broken anything yet!

Congrats! :wub:

Yeah he has, luckily we have people that can fix it! :)

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