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Welp, this is it...

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I'm not quitting CN per se, but the time has come for me to retire from its politics.

As some of you already know, I am starting a Master of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis at Trinity Western University starting next Monday, and will be moving over there tomorrow. I have been planning this state of semi-retirement for some time now and will be requesting a forum ban to reinforce it.

I do have a few shoutouts before I do leave though:

IGP Warriors (who introduced me to CN) - I dunno whether to thank you or smack you upside the head for introducing me to CN, Bovril Boy! :laugh:

CCC - I still love you guys. :wub: Always will. My brothers and sisters for eternity.

KingRich and Darth Actorbass - I feel like you guys taught me anything CCC didn't about fighting in this game. Regardless of what NpO does politically, you two will always have my utmost respect.

Mia - it's amazing to think that two people could become almost like family through an online game. Don't worry, I won't be a stranger. I care too much for you.

Daks - Best of luck in keeping TOOL afloat. As much as it sometimes stressed me out, it was home for almost two years.

AOD Brigade - you'll see more of me than anyone else in CN over the next couple years. Live with it. :smug:

To everyone else who has positively impacted not only the IC character of Jarkko Salomäki, but the OOC guy behind it, I simply say, "thank you."

To all who have wronged me, you're off the hook.

To all whom I have wronged and to whom I have not yet apologised, I hope you can find it in yourselves to forgive me.

There are many people in this game whom I consider at least somewhat of a friend, and certain pairs or groups of these seem to hate each other. I would like to ask that you make an honest effort to try and overcome these. Seriously, the fact that so little has changed politically in CN has made talk on here somewhat stupefying. Now don't kid yourself. I'm not going to become some "NUKE YOU 25 TIMES THAN QUIT" sort. I will fight if things come down to it. :P Just that from now on, I'm limiting myself to 3 IRC channels (AODB's public and private chans, and #games) and AODB forums on occasion.

Godspeed, and God Bless.

(AODB's public chan is #aodb, by the way.)

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[quote name='The Pansy' timestamp='1294270348' post='2564895']
Best of luck Jarrko, I hope you can find the occasional time to join our musings on Skype
I echo this fine gentleman's words.

Have fun in Univeristy, Jarrko :ehm:

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[quote name='Yankees Empire' timestamp='1294272196' post='2564944']
[b]Not accept[/b]

Will you pop onto irc? :)

Jarkko will still be on irc from time to time mostly in our public channel which he listed in the opening.

On another note Jarkko its sad to see you leave the OWF but at least you will still be around our own forums and on our irc.

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[quote name='Mathias' timestamp='1294270694' post='2564900']
[font="Georgia"]Make a wiki Jarkko.[/font]
[/quote]I expected this. :P (To tell the truth, I might continue sporadically working on the Wiki, rather than being the CN Wiki's resident Franz Schubert.)

Yeah, I'll hang out on IRC on occasion, and I was sure to put the Skype installer on my flash drive and will be putting it on my laptop. But I'll be taking my headset along so as to spare everyone else from your wacky shenanigans. :P

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[quote name='Sandwich Controversy' timestamp='1294279148' post='2565142']
Q: Why that university?
A: I'm doing a professional program specifically geared towards Bible translation/literacy development/lexicography (dictionary-creation).

So regardless of what career I end up in, I'll be working with written word. Which should make sense given my... headache-inducing Wiki section. :ph34r:

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arkko, you have honestly been one of the strong consistent points of this game for me as well as RL. You will always be family to me regardless of whether you're play or not. You have been there when things have been difficult and been consistent regardless of whether we agreed or not on things. You're a friend, a loyal person and someone who while has a temper, you do it because you don't like people you care for messed with. We have good times on IRC with me snarking and you laughing or you being a dweeb or getting banned from Sparta's channel because you answer the trivia bot too fast. You've always been a light hearted and good sense of fun. You've always been true to your principles, working hard to do what you can for your alliance and I thank you for that. You've been an amazing friend, an amazing diplomat who eventually came to TOOL and I must thank you for staying in TOOL for me. You're one of things that helped me keep going during tough times, you've been an amazing source of strength, laughter and companionship. Here is to many more years.

Things always have an end but they always have a beginning too. :wub: Jarkko :wub:

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