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Black and Pink - They just work

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The following is a PIAT between the Conclave (Black) and The Peoples Community (Pink)
That is all.


[b]Black and Pink - They just work[/b][/center]


This treaty between The Peoples Community (TPC) and the Conclave (ConC) has been signed on grounds of mutual friendship, both parties agree to share any intelligence and provide aid should the other signatory require it.

[b]Article I - Peace[/b]

In the spirit of this treaty, both parties agree not to declare war or spy on the other, nor will they act in a malicious manner towards the other signatory or her allies.

[b]Article II - Intelligence[/b]

Neither signatory alliance shall withhold information from the other signatory alliance that constitutes a direct threat to the security or well-being of the other signatory alliance. Both signatories shall strive to keep the each other informed of non-emergency situations as often as possible.

[b]Article III - Aid[/b]

Should a signatory alliance require aid, the other party agrees to provide such assistance if required. Both parties are encoraged, but not required, to offer tech deals at a rate of 3m/50 tech to nations below 5k NS between both alliances.

[b]Article IV - Chaining[/b]

If one signatory alliance initiates or takes part in a daisy chain, the other alliance is invited to join but may turn the offer down.

[b]Article V - Cancellation[/b]

In the event that either signatory feels that the relationship is no longer working, they shall inform the other alliance of their intention to cancel. There will be a 72 hour cooling off period where the treaty will be treated as a NAP.

[b]Signed for TPC:[/b]
LittleRena - Councilor/Minister of Diplomacy
alexo14467 - Councilor
Ervian - Councilor
DarkeZ07 - Councilor

[b]Signed for the ConC:[/b]
Synesi - Triumvir
htmlmaster - Triumvir
James Spanier - Triumvir[/quote]

Almost forgot!

o/ ConC

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