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Peace In Our Time! Again!


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It has been an honor to face FEAR, Europa, and Paragon on the battlefield. Everyone signing this agreement entered the current war in defense of their allies, something we can all appreciate regardless of our thoughts about NEW. We are pleased this peace was reached with so little effort, and we genuinely wish these alliances a quick recovery and much success in their future.

We have agreed to the below terms:

1) The forces of FEAR, Europa, and Paragon do hereby surrender to The Orange Defense Network, Sparta, The Prolific Empire, and the International.

2) FEAR, Europa, and Paragon agree to remain neutral for the remainder of the ongoing conflict. This includes refraining from combat and aiding any combatants in the current conflict.

3) FEAR, Europa, and Paragon shall each write either a review of OJ or a Haiku on Oranges or a Limerick on Oranges.

Thank you all for a good clean fight,

For Fear:[/b]
CBray, External Chancellor
Mad Larkin, Internal Chancellor
CodArk2, Grand Chancellor

[b]For The International:[/b]
War Council of the International

Signed for[b] The Prolific Empire[/b],
Homeboy, [b]Triumvir[/b]
KMan28, [b]Triumvir[/b]
KingEd, [b]Triumvir[/b]

For the Orange Defense Network[/b]

Secretary-General: OsRavan
Secretary of Defense: itsEze
Secretary of State: Joracy
Secretary of Economics: Lucius Aerilius
Secretary of the Interior: Max Cristof

Senate XXXVII: ForSparta, Twizzler, Istus, BigDaddyChacha, Zsandmann

[b]For Paragon:[/b]
Paragon - Master
Council of Exceed

[b]Signed for Europa's Baskin Robins Council:[/b]
Tolwyn -- Eternal President of Europa
Emperador del Oeste -- Big Banana, Boy Wonder
Ernesto Che Guevara -- Strawberry Ayatollah, Man among Gods
Kongo Jack -- Mint Ayatollah, Crippled Superhero
Theflyinglobster -- Vanilla Ayatollah, beardless neckbeard

[b]For Sparta:[/b]

Tulak Hord and Lukapaka - Kings of Sparta
Yerushalayim - Ephor of Lykoi
Roxxo and Dcorp - Elders of Lykoi
Hyperion321 - Commandante of the Royal Guard

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and I knew about this months ago!

It was a pleasure and honor to have fought the brave alliances of FEAR, Paragon, and Europa. You guys fulfilled you duty, both to your allies and each-other. I wish nothing but the best for all parties involved moving forward, and it brings me joy that we were able to see eye to eye regarding the NEW-DF situation.

o/ Peace In Our Time...

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[center][b]Official Statement from Europa[/b][/center][center][i]Completion of Surrender Terms[/i][/center][center][i]
[/center][/i][center]Oranges Abound[/center][center]Let us fight their bigger force?[/center][center]Look out! It's a trap! [/center][i]
[/i][center]That said, it has been an honor to do battle with the fine warriors of Sparta and ODN. I have not one complaint about lack of respect from them, and I hope Europa's warriors were of a similar nature. To ODN, Sparta, congratulations on a well-earned victory.[/center][center]
[/center][center]o/ FEAR[/center][center]o/ Europa[/center][center]o/ ODN[/center][center]o/ Sparta[/center][/center]

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Damn! The NERVE Sparta has to ask for such rediculous reps!!!! xD

HAIL! Peace in our Christmastime!

Also, I'd like to personally thank the parties of our previously opposing governments for being completely reasonable in negotiations and peace discussions. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about your allies in NEW.

And Ernesto... it was fun.

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[quote name='Topside the Hun' timestamp='1293337044' post='2554013']
Now that Sparta is at peace again can we get on to something NEW?

WFF didn't surrender buddy - you guys have some more fighting to do :v:

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