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Charge of the FEAR brigade

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[SIZE=7]Everyone Chill the F*** Out! We Got This![/SIZE]

[QUOTE]"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something." [/QUOTE]


FEAR doesn't say much on OWF, but make no mistake, we follow everything. For days we have been monitoring the OWF, we have seen people claiming that NEW's allies are not going to back them up, that they should be 'reining-in' NEW. Well that's not how we roll, NEW has gone in to bat for us in many wars that they really didn't have to be involved in, hell they probably thought the reasons for many of them were ridiculous!

Well, unlike so many alliances, we don't decide our policies by the treaty web, and our motivations for what we do here are not a stepping stone to ruling planet bob, we do what we must tonight for one simple reason, and that is that we will not stand by and watch whilst one of our oldest, closest, most proven and awesome allies get a beat down, even if most of the world says they deserve it. We won't take the easy route and offer economic aid after they receive a beat down, we will stand by them, and if need be lie beside them in pools of blood, nuclear fall out and many thousands of enemy corpses.

Once again we at FEAR prove that our treaties are honoured and that we truly place friends above infra, it's fine to sit there in the OWF hailing and claiming such things, but not many of you actually practice what you preach. Well we do. Here we stand, side by side with our friends, looking at you alliances cowering behind your e-lawyering and false bravado.

Pixels last for seconds, honour lasts for life!

FEAR now enters a state of war with The International and The Prolific Empire.

P.S.: despite having ODN already attacking us we aren't declaring a state of war for them, they will have to do their own dirty work


For the Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics:

Grand Chancellor: Codainia
External Chancellor: CBray
Internal Chancellor: Mad Larkin

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Fortune favors the bold FEAR. Better to lose the NS in combat for friends than cowardly attrition.

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Finally yes! To war!

Also, thanks for finally escalating it.

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Always been an honorable alliance, always will be even if your NS isnt that high this time around, you guys have never failed to stick around and be an all around amazing alliance.


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