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CTI Announcement

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[font="Century Gothic"][b][size="6"][center]Welcoming new signatories[/center][/size][/b]

Today is a great day for the orange sphere. We, the members of the Orange Team, once again come together to promote the prosperity of our team. The months that we have worked together has proved to bring together people of different alliances to work on a common goal.
Today, I would like to announce the initiation of three alliances to our economic bloc - The Grand Lodge of Freemasons, Federation of Allied Orange Nations, and Exodus. Honoring the Citrus Free Trade Zone we will strive to yet again be more stable and prosperous.

Welcome aboard, fellows. [/font]

[font="Comic Sans MS"][b]Signed for Democratic Alliance of Wise Nations: [/b]
[color="#FF8C00"]President: Frannie
Council: Booter, Golan 1st, shilo[/color]

[b]Signed for the Order of the Paradox: [/b]
[color="#FF8C00"]Grandmaster: Feanor
Grand Hospitaller: SkyGreenChick
Grand Chancellor: President Obama[/color]

[b]Signed for East India Company:[/b]
[color="#FF8C00"]Secretary General: Rhizoctonia
Director General: Cossack
Governor General: Callofktulu[/color]

[b]Signed for The German Empire: [/b]
[color="#FF8C00"][b]His Imperial Majesty, The Kaiser[/b]
Franz Joseph I

[b][i]The German House of Lords[/i][/b]
[b]Minister for State Affairs (StaatsMinister)[/b]
[i]His Excellency[/i], Mark Thomas
[i]His Excellency[/i], Leopold von Habsburg

[b]Minister for Finance (FinanzMinister)[/b]
[i]His Excellency[/i], Heinrich Schuster
[i]His Excellency[/i], Gavin Jones

[b]Minister for Foreign Affairs (AußenMinister)[/b]
[i]His Excellency[/i], Ferdinand I


[i]His Excellency[/i], Frederick III, [i]Grand Duke of Hesse-Nassau[/i][/color]

[b]Signed for the R&R[/b]
[color="#FF8C00"]EgoFreaky, Triumvir
LincolnC, Triumvir
Stealthkill, Triumvir
Andy R, Minister of Interior
bongoshan, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Simms, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
EgoFreaky, Minister of Defense
Outlander, Deputy Minister of Defense[/color]

[b]Signed for The Order of Righteous Nations: [/b]
[color="#FF8C00"]bigwoody, Dear leader
His Royal Thickness, Thick Führer
Lord Curzon, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs
SinisterCanuck, Triumvir of War
StevieG, Triumvir of Internal Affairs
remenant, Representative
[b]Signed for The Independent Republic Of Orange Nations: [/b]
[color="#FF8C00"]MCRABT, President
not adolf hitler, Secretary of State
Cristoir, Deputy Secretary of State
Theophilos, Minister of Internal Affairs
bcndwilson, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs
RAND0M HER0, Minister of Defence
Matt Miller, Minister of The IRON Vault
Queltocz, Deputy Minister of The IRON Vault

[i]CJ2288, Trade Department Director[/i][/color]

[b]Signed for CMEA:[/b]
[color="#FF8C00"]DemonSpawn - President
Quagsville - Vice President [/color]

[b]Signed for GLOF:[/b]

[b]Signed for FAON:[/b]
[color="#FF8C00"]President, MConorDever
Vice President, MConorDever [/color]

[b]Signed for Exodus:[/b]
[color="#FF8C00"]ironchef, Triumvir
meyer, Triumvir
Wu Tang Clan, Triumvir
TheBigBad, Minister of Foreign Affairs
LexLuther, Minister of Internal Affairs
KingOffa, Minister of Finance
The Corrupt Teacher, Minister of Defense[/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][size="4"]To celebrate this day, CTI is giving out CTI T-Shirts*![/size]

[size="1"]*The quantity is limited, so it is first-come, first-served basis[/size][/font]

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[quote name='The Corrupt Teacher' timestamp='1289442579' post='2509920']
ugh my signature ends up on a Orange Block Treaty :ph34r:

Excellent, you are gov now. Be sure to continue sending me those spy reports. I know it is hard to remain for so long in the camp of the enemy but remember that you are performing a valuable task. And remember that Athens prevails.


And congrats to orange on the trade treaty!

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[quote name='SinOfNemesis' timestamp='1289443751' post='2509958']
I can even autograph your shirt ;)
Me me me first

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Thanks for considering us to be a part of this group! Can't wait to get started and could I have a 3X t-shirt size please...as you can tell from my avatar I need things a bit baggy! :D

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We joined because we were under the impression that we'd get free juice for life- now I find out all I get is a crappy t-shirt that is 2 sizes too small? We were tricked!

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