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Crimson Fists - Declaration of Existence

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[OOC]Family safe soundtrack is located [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhoCf7Kq8Bc][u]here[/u][/url].[/OOC]

[i]<< commence feed >>[/i]

Greetings servitors, heretics and xenoforms of Galaxy Bob, we come to you today as the Battle Brothers of the Crimson Fists Chapter to [s]purge the unclean[/s] formally announce our existence.

[b][color=red][size="6"]Crimson Fists[/size][/color][/b]
Status: [b]Protectorate of UINE[/b]
Location: [b][color="#0000FF"]Blue Sector[/color][/b]

[quote author=Grumpdogg link=topic=13.msg69#msg69 date=1287475377]
[b][size="5"]Codex: Carminus Pugnus[/size][/b]


The following document outlines the foundation, structure, membership requirements and including expulsion procedures of the Crimson Fists alliance (hereafter the Chapter). It also contains the requisite amendment protocols. This document forms the legal underpinning for all actions within the Crimson Fists alliance.


We the assembled Battle Brothers of the Chapter, hereby declare our existence to the inhabitants of Galaxy Bob. We state our intention to uphold the following Chapter values;

[i]Dedication to the Blue Sector[/i] - As far as practicable, the Crimson Fists will retain a majority of member nations within the Blue Sector. Fellow Blue Sector inhabitants ill be granted preference in economic dealings, provided they maintain a peaceful disposition towards the Chapter.
[i]Our Word is Adamantium[/i] - The Chapter will immediately provide assistance to any affiliated party, upon request.
[i]And They Shall Know No Fear[/i] - The Chapter retains the right as a sovereign entity to provide any and all assistance to an unaffiliated party who is currently in conflict with Xenos or unidentified lifeforms, should they request such assistance.
[i]Every Marine is a Warrior-Hero[/i] - The Chapter will maintain a culture of excellence. Encouragement and support will be provided to every member, such that they can reach their potential as members and as a warrior nation.
[i]Angels of Death[/i] - Every recruit upon attaining full membership will receive the rank of Battle Brother. All Battle Brothers are expected to dedicate their nation to the defence of the Chapter, should it be required.


[i]Lord Hellblade[/i]

The Chapter will be governed by the Lord Hellblade who shall be granted total authority for all decisions of the Chapter. The Lord Hellblade will be responsible for creating Detachments, delegating power to the Detachments and for appointing a Master to lead each Detachment. The Lord Hellblade serves until incapacitation or until he chooses to resign - at which point he will appoint a successor. The Lord Hellblade may appoint and dismiss any number of advisors.

At Founding, the following positions have been created;

[i]High Chaplain[/i] - The Lord Hellblade may appoint a High Chaplain to serve in his stead. During such times as the Lord Hellblade is unavailable due to complications resulting from warp travel, being grievously wounded, or other inconvenience, the High Chaplain may assume the duties of Lord Hellblade on a temporary basis.

[i]Master of the Fleet[/i] - The Master of the Fleet shall lead the Detachment of the Fleet and shall be responsible for the military preparation, doctrine and strategy of the Chapter.
[i]Master of the Gates[/i] - The Master of the Gates will lead the Detachment of the Gates and shall be responsible for recruitment, entrance, admittance and acceptance of new recruits into the Chapter.
[i]Master of the Forge[/i] - The Master of the Forge will lead the Detachment of the Forge and shall be responsible for all economic programs and matters pertaining to the Chapter.
[i]Master of the Watch[/i] - The Master of the Watch shall lead the Detachment of the Watch and shall be responsible for initial contact and maintenance of relationships between external entities and the Chapter.


Nations joining the Crimson Fists agree to uphold the values of the Chapter, commit wholly to protect and assist fellow members and promise to eternally strive for the betterment of their fellow Battle Brothers, the Chapter and it's allies.

In return, each nation joining the Crimson Fists will receive friendship, knowledge, strength and protection. Each nation can expect to be treated as blood, as a Brother and a valuable asset to the Chapter. Achievements, progression, spoils of war and bitterness of defeat are all to be shared fairly between Brothers.

Whilst the Crimson Fists remain committed to the Blue Sector, nations from any coloured Sector will be considered for acceptance, provided they meet the requirements for admission.

[i]Admission Requirements[/i] - In order for a nation to join the Crimson Fists they must;

Not be engaged in any wars.
Provide all relevant details of their nation.
Confirm that all information is correct and that they will be honest throughout their application process.
Change the alliance affiliation of their nation to Crimson Fists.
Commit to completing any additional training requirements the Master of the Gates deems necessary - such as exams, both theoretical and practical.

[i]Assimilation[/i] - Failure to complete any part of this process or uphold their training commitments, within a reasonable amount of time, is grounds for immediate expulsion. Upon successfully completing the admissions process a new recruit is granted the rank of Battle Brother and receives access to various Chapter vaults and armouries.

[i]Expulsion[/i] - The Lord Hellblade may remove from the membership any Battle Brother who is found to be in breach of the Chapter's policies, whereby the nation must immediately leave the Crimson Fists alliance affiliation. In a pressing emergency situation, two Masters of the Chapter may expel a member. The Lord Hellblade cannot be expelled and may overturn any expulsion.


[i]Proposal[/i] - Any Battle Brother may propose an amendment to the Charter, provided he has at least one other member willing to support the proposal.
[i]Ratification[/i] - If a majority vote is in favour of the proposal and the approval of the Lord Hellblade is granted, the Codex shall be amended in accordance with the proposal.


Signed on 3833010.M3;

Grumpdogg, Lord Hellblade and Supreme Commander of Crimson Forces
Apocalypsse, High Chaplain and Master of the Crimson Fleet
Polonius, Master of the Gates and Marshall of the Scouts
MinuteVariance, Master of the Forge and Hammer of Tyrannus
Aetherius Princeps, the Crimson Liaison and Master of the Watch

In brief response to the recent reports regarding our emergence, I would like to suggest to our fellow Bob inhabitants that if you are only in possession of one side of a story, then you are most likely missing one or more sides. As a general rule, we do not engage in public discourse (save for formal announcements) so I would warmly invite any interested parties to make contact for private dialogue.

Long live the Chapter!

[i]<< terminate feed >>[/i]

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[quote]Crimson Fists
Status: Protectorate of UINE
Location: Blue Sector

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It is my pleasure to announce that the Crimson Fists have decided to join the UINE family as protectorates. These guys have some solid experience and I am sure that they will do great things. May these old friends and this new friendship grow and prosper!

o/ CF

[quote][center][img]http://cnimages.webs.com/CrimsonFistsFLAG_VECTOR.jpg[/img] [img]http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090930053030/cybernations/images/1/15/Xba5g6.png[/img][/center]

Protectorate Agreement

The Union of Integrated National Entities (UINE) is proud to announce that it has taken the Crimson Fists (CF) under its guidance and protection, in order to give CF all the tools and resources necessary to ensure their development into a mature and respected alliance.

I. Sovereignty:
UINE and CF recognize that they are both sovereign alliances and will treat each other as such.

II. Peace and Respect:
Both UINE and CF agree to be respectful towards each other on all mediums and to support each other like friends do. Additionally, both alliances agree to refrain from acts of war, spying, etc... which could damage the other signatory.

III. Protection and Defense:
An attack on the Crimson Fists will be considered an attack on the Union of Integrated National Entities. As such, UINE will treat this attack as one on its own members and will attempt to resolve the issue in a manner adequate to the situation. While not required, the CF may come to the defense of UINE at their choosing if the need for defense is ever requested.

IV. Multi-Level Assistance:
UINE agrees to help the CF in its development; while the responsibility for success falls on the CF’s shoulders, UINE will mobilize all of the resources at its disposition in order to help CF achieve success. This includes but is not limited to: technical support, guidance, financial aid, military support, tech agreements, etc.

V. Cancellation and Possible Upgrade:
Should either side feel that this treaty is no longer required, they agree to give the other a 48 hour cancellation notice, during which the treaty remains active. Should the CF feel they have outgrown the need for protection and assistance; the parties will discuss a possible upgrade of this treaty as they see fit.

Signed for UINE;

Keve69, Emperor
HRH King Raymond II, Triumvir
MajorLu, Triumvir

Signed for CF;

Grumpdogg, Lord Hellblade
Apocalypsse, High Chaplain & Master of the Fleet
Polonius, Master of the Gates
MinuteVariance, Master of the Forge
Aetherius Princeps, Master of the Watch

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I am a man of few words.

Big thanks to UINE for the protectorate. It feels good to get the wheels in motion here and moving on to a long and prosperous future on Planet Bob.

o/ CF

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I am so happy that we've finally done it.
I look forward to the long and winding road that beckons.
A big thank you to UINE for the Protectorate.

o/ CF

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[quote name='D34th' timestamp='1288668475' post='2499581']
Ninth Circle, Antenora to be more specific, waits for you CF.

[i]The Emperor asks only that you hate.[/i]

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I wish everyone at CF all the best with your new alliance. To those with hate in their heart stop by for a chat and I'll give you the missing pieces to the puzzle.

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I believe the missing pieces of the puzzle have been long in our possession former-Comrade Smurf. Being informed is a simple task for our Emperor and MiniPax ;)

Congratulations on your DOE, you have chosen a strong theme... just remember, there can be only war.

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[quote name='AlmightyGrub' timestamp='1288670430' post='2499622']
I believe the missing pieces of the puzzle have been long in our possession former-Comrade Smurf. Being informed is a simple task for our Emperor and MiniPax ;)

I still :wub: you Grub :)

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