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A Blink Statement

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It wasn't so long ago TFD's own former Senator, LittleRena, left us to form her own little alliance on Pink. When she left, all of us at TFD were thinking the same thing: "it won't work; she'll be back." Nevertheless, we were proud to protect her new project and sponsored the new pink alliance.
Boy, were we wrong. This pink project has turned into a pink phenomenon. The new pink alliance grew up, got together with some friends, and formed this new alliance in TPC. Pink Unity is on the upswing, and things are looking bright for this group of people.
In the process of this pink phenomenon, TFD has been proud and honored to have our name tied to this success story. Over the short period of time, working with TPC has been great, and it is with the desire to further our relationship (and jump on the bandwagon of pink awesomeness :ehm: ) that we sign this Optional Defense Pact.

[center][img]http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y172/tatiana1kryanna/Cyber%20Nations/TFDflag.png[/img] [img]http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/5343/tpcnorm.png[/img]

[size=5][b]The Blue and Pink Statement[/b][/size][/center]

[b]Article I: Preamble[/b]

There are few cases where the association of Blue and Pink produce good results. This Optional Defence Pact is one of such cases.

[b]Article II: Peace & Respect[/b]

The first and last thing to be safeguarded by both alliances and their members is the Respect for opinions, thoughts and ideas - both in public and in private. The second is Peace. Neither alliance will initiate hostile or potentially aggressive actions against each other. In the event minor issues arise, because both Alliances are examples of respectful people, they will be solved rationally and with the purpose of preserving the best relationship possible.

[b]Article III: Intelligence[/b]

Should either signatory come across vital information regarding the other alliance's security, said signatory is required to share it with diligence.

[b]Article IV: Aid, Defense, & Aggression [/b]

Should one alliance be in dire need of monetary support and the other alliance capable of providing such assistance, both in money and aid slots, it shall happen. This clause is not valid during conflicts when either alliance is participating and the other isn't.

In the event either alliance comes under attack by a third party, the other alliance is greatly encouraged to come to its defense. This same attitude shall also be adopted in the case of either signatory requesting assistance in an offensive action; however, the signatory being asked for assistance offensively must be given at least 48 hours notice.

[b]Article V: Cancellation[/b]

Should either signatory desire to cancel this treaty, the said signatory is required to present a notification of at least 48 hours, after which the treaty will be considered null and void.

[b]Signed by The Foreign Division[/b]
Barkeaters - Speaker
Lusitan - Senator
Basileus - Senator
FarmGirl - Senator
Eivind the Great - Senator
GearHead - MoFA
SupremePrince - DMoFA

[b]Signed by The Peoples Community[/b]
LittleRena - Councilor/Minister of Diplomacy
Alexo14467 - Councilor
Giovanni - Councilor
MarkLevin7 - Councilor
Broken Star - Councilor

TPC :wub:
Hail! :awesome:

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[quote name='GearHead' timestamp='1288261966' post='2495077']
When she left, all of us at TFD were thinking the same thing: "it won't work; she'll be back."

I forgive you <3


Good to see this.

o/ TFD

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I came here expecting some sort of music reference but congrats TFD & TPC on your ODP. (too many acronyms?)

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Finally, my government does something I'm happy to see. Of course, this could be because I haven't been paying attention this week. ;)

<3 TPC. Join PLT next.

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[OOC]Blink-182 fails so hard. :P[/OOC]

But this treaty does not. :awesome: TFD are awesome peeps, and I can't say I dislike them TPCers either. ;)

o/ both o' yez.

:awesome: Gearhead :awesome:

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