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A Divine Message

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[i]The room started spinning around him as if he was drunk. Yet, he had not had a single glass of alcohol. The figure in front of him was so surreal...[/i]

"This can't be!" [i]he shouted.[/i]

[i]Then there was nothing. The world went black.[/i]


[i]An icy wind stroke over his face, sending a quiver through his spine. His head hurted and he moved his hand towards it. Upon touching his forehead he felt a warm substance. He slowly opened his eyes to look at his hand. Blood... [u]His blood.[/u] He tried to remember what happened but a hole had been blown into his memories. The only thing he could remember was that figure, hanging in the sky with its arms spread and its face looking up into the sky. That face...It was so beautiful, yet frightening. He slowly moved his body until he was sitting on his knees. Still fighting the vicious pain that was spreading from his forehead through the rest of his body. [/i]

[i]As he recovered his breath and came back to his senses, the images of before he fainted slowly returned to his mind. Confusing images without any cohesion. He tried to rearrange his thoughts but to no avail. Who, or rather...[u]what[/u] was that figure in the sky? Why did I faint? [/i]

[i]A wonderful voice woke him from his train of thoughts.[/i] "meyer", [i]it said [/i]"It is time." [i] [i]He looked up and a it all made sense now. Before him stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Dressed in a long white dress, she truly looked like an angel....She [u]was[/u] an angel. He had seen this angel before. He remembered how this servant of the holy one gave him a mission. [u]A mission from God.[/u][/i]

[i]An hour later his closest friends and relatives were gathered at the bar, drinking a last beer before meyer and his friends would leave, most likely forever. When the barkeeper asked why they were leaving he replied:[/i]

"[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzOHq5WbQ8k"]We're getting the band back together...We're on a mission from God.[/url]"

[b][u]And thus the Exodus began.[/u][/b][/i]

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"Its a miracle! I'm alive!" [i]He shouted. His cloths ripped and his face bloodied, he crawled towards the exit of the crashed airplane. He reached for the door, opened it and jumped out. He was immediately greeted by a fresh seawind. He jumped around in the morningsun, overjoyed that he had survived this terrible crash.

Suddenly his attention was caught by a wooden sign. He walked towards it to see what it said. When he got close enough to read it, his eyes became big and his face white. This was the message he had dreamed about for months now![/i]

[u][b]"Follow the Path, Follow the Exodus."[/b][/u]

[i]He turned away from the sign and looked up in the air. Slowly he came to the realisation that he had survived this crash for a reason. When he looked at the sign again, the text was gone.

He started walking towards the way the sign pointed at.[/i]

[u][i][b]And so he joined the Exodus.[/b][/i][/u]

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[i]Having worked on the fertile fields all day, Partisan sat in his tree overlooking the great lakes of Partisan Holland at sunset. Satisfied over his achievements, he smoked his cigar. [/i] "ahh, the joys of life" [i]he muttered to himself. [/i]

[i] He looked up in the air and gazed at the magnificent light that the sun seemed to emit. It was almost.... [u][b]divine[/b][/u].

Just as he was about to get up and walk back to his house where his family would be waiting for him, a strange sound caught his attention. A whisper you could barely here, softly repeating the same sentence over and over again. [/i]

[u]"Follow the Exodus...Follow the path..." [/u]

[i]A beautiful golden shower of light now seemed to burst from the sun, penetrating any clouds that may have been around.[/i]

[i]Partisan, stunned by this strange turn of events could do nothing but stare at the light and listen to the softly speaking voice, which was still repeating that one sentence.[/i]

[u]Follow the Exodus...Follow the path..." [/u]

[i]As suddenly as the voice ebbed away, the lights faded back into the sunset. Partisan was alone again. Still amazed by what he had just witnessed, he jumped off his tree and ran home as fast as he could. He packed his most important personal belongings into a large backpack and went on his way.[/i]
[u]And so he joined the Exodus...[/u][/i][/b]

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[i]After leaving the green pastures of her long time home ironchef found herself in the desert with its blazing orange sunsets. Happy to have found a home again at last she was starting to settle in and let her hair down. As she sat making plans for her next nude sunset drumming party there was a voice from above, she looked up but there was nothing there. Thinking it was a flash back from her more adventurous days she went back to her party plans. The voice said[/i] “its time to go” [i]ironchef replied[/i] [i][i]"but I don't want to go, there will be mead, and naked dancing tonight in the orange desert"[/i] [i]The voice boomed![/i] “You will go now and lead your people to the promise land” [i]All ironchef could say was "!@#$@#$ !@#$ $%&@ fine but you owe me a night of drunken debauchery"[/i]

[b][u]And so she joined the Exodus.[/u][/i][/b]
edit spelling

Edited by ironchef

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[i]He sat there. Tears in his eyes, the ground around him wet. He had been crying. He had cried and cried for days now. His wife had left him, his job was lost and his money was gone. His life was over. "What now?" he wondered. He had no clue where to go or what to do, so he just remained where he was. His eyes became heavy and he closed them. He fell asleep.

In his dreams he saw a vision of himself. He was holding a child and looked so happy. A beautiful woman walked towards him and kissed him. A voice said to him:[/i]

"Follow the path..Follow the Exodus"

[i]When he woke up he knew what he had to do. He took his last belongings and marched into the sunset.[/i]
And so he joined the Exodus.[/b][/i][/u]

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And thus, the Exodus began.

On this 18th day of the 10th month in the year of our LORD 2010, Exodus announces its existence on this Planet known as Bob.

We, a band of brothers, do hereby confirm our commitment to the principles and purposes of Exodus, and further affirming our commitment by submitting to membership of said alliance.

It is with this, that we announce our alliance, Exodus.

[quote][center][size=6][b][color=Orange]The Edict of Yahweh[/color][/b][/size][/center]


[b]Preamble:[/b] Exodus is founded on the principles of devotion, integrity, and brotherly love. Exodus's purpose is to provide a fun community for all members and friends. Exodus recognizes the need for universal betterment, and as such will always strive for improvement and progress.

[b][u][color=blue]Article I: Admissions[/b][/u][/color]

Exodus accepts applications from any nation interested in joining. The interested nation must not be a member of any other alliance and must abide by the codes and conducts outlined by this charter. The interested nation must meet the following criteria:
1. The applicant must not be involved in any wars.
2. The applicant must not be an enemy of any other alliance.
3. The applicant must be on the Orange team unless he/she receives an exception.
4. The applicant must be willing to answer questions during the application process.

[b][u][color=blue]Article II: Membership[/b][/u][/color]

1. The membership consists of every member of Exodus except for the Triumvirate.
2. Every member of Exodus is allowed to vote in all alliance votes.
3. Members are expected to be respectful to each other and show honor, integrity, and respect to those outside of the alliance.
4. Every member of Exodus is entitled to his/her opinion and may freely express it in alliance discussions.

[b][u][color=blue]Article III: The Hierarchy[/b][/u][/color]

1. The Triumvirate of Exodus
2. The Ministers of Exodus
3. The Deputies of Exodus
4. The Members of Exodus

[b][u][color=blue]Article IV: The Triumvirate[/b][/u][/color]

1. The Triumvirate consists of the three leading members in Exodus.
2. The Triumvirate makes up the ruling body of the alliance.
3. The Triumvirate serves for life. In the event a Triumvir steps down, the two remaining Triumvirs will appoint a member to replace him/her. The appointed Triumvir must be approved by a membership vote.
4. The Triumvirate make all major decisions for the alliance.
4a. The signing of any level treaty must be voted on by the membership after being approved by the Triumvirate.
4b. A charter amendment must be voted on by the membership after being approved by the Triumvirate.
4c. In the event of an offensive war, the membership must vote on going to war after it is approved by the Triumvirate. In the event there is a dispute over if the war is offensive or defensive, the Triumvirate will define it.
5. The Triumvirate has the ability to appoint advisers to advise them on specific matters.

[b][u][color=blue]Article V: The Ministers[/b][/u][/color]

1. The Minister positions are appointed by the Triumvirate. The membership must approve each appointment. The Ministers serve for life until they step down or are replaced by the Triumvirate.
2. The Minister of Internal Affairs (MoIA) is in charge of all inter-alliance matters, including admissions and recruitment.
2a. The Minister of Internal Affairs will also serve as the Head Minister. In the event a Triumvir is inactive, he/she will vote for the Triumvir until the Triumvir returns.
3. The Minister of Defense (MoD) is in charge of all military matters in the alliance.
4. The Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) is in charge of all foreign matters in the alliance.
5. The Minister of Finance (MoF) is in charge of all financial matters in the alliance.
6. All Ministers may appoint deputies to assist them with their duties.
7. All ministers have the right to preside over their respected field with guidance from the Triumvirate. Ministers can do whatever they deem fit to enhance efficiency in their field.

[b][u][color=blue]Article VI: Policies and Procedures[/b][/u][/color]

1. Triumvirate Votes - All Triumvirate votes require a 2/3 in favor to pass. In the event that one Triumvir has not responded to the issued a vote in a period of thirty-six (36) hours, the Head Minister is to vote in the absent Triumvirate's place.
2. Membership Votes - All membership votes require 50% +1 in favor to pass. Membership votes are not applicable until Exodus reaches a population of thirty (30) nations.
3. Censure - Though Exodus recognizes the rights of any member to speak their minds, under extenuating circumstances a member may be censured by the Triumvirate if he/she acts in a way detrimental to the alliance. The duration of the censure will be determined by the Triumvirate.
4. Expulsion - If a member consistently acts in a way that is detrimental to the alliance, the Triumvirate may pass a vote to expel that member from the alliance. Once the said nation is expelled, all ties to that nation will be cut, and the nation is free to join any alliance it so chooses. However, Exodus reserves the right to warn whatever alliance they chose to join of the crimes committed by the expelled party.
5. Leaving Exodus - Any member is free to leave Exodus whenever they so choose with no animosity or ill will whatsoever. In the event a member wishes to leave Exodus, she/he is to message a Triumvir with a reason. If the member owes Exodus money or technology, the member is expected to pay Exodus the money/technology back in a timely fashion.
6. PZI and EZI - Exodus does recognize the right to defend itself from threats as it seems fit, however Exodus does not condone Permanent Zero Infrastructure or Eternal Zero Infrastructure.
7. Tech Raiding - Exodus allows Tech Raiding under the following criteria
7a. The target is either unaligned or in an alliance consisting of fewer than five (5) nations.
7b. The target is not on the orange team.
7c. The raiding party gets approval from one of the following: Triumvirate, Minister of Defense, or Minister of Foreign Affairs.
7d. The raiding party ceases all attacks when asked to do so by the target.
7e. The raiding party acknowledges all risks associated with raiding and accepts sole responsibility.
8. Member Representation - Exodus recognizes its commitment to fulfill its obligation of creating the best environment for its members. If any member is unhappy or discontent with the direction of Exodus, they are free to address the Triumvirate and the ruling body at any time. Exodus will be run by the will of its members.
9. Religious Connotation - Although Exodus's name does originate from religious roots, Exodus in no way claims any faith as its own, and is open to all members. Exodus is not collectively associated with any specific denomination.


Ratified on Monday, October 18th, 2010 by the following members:

Wu Tang Clan
The Big Bad
Liam Riordan
Mikhailov Golovnya

Our IRC channel is #Exodus Stop by to hail and such.
Our forums are here: http://cn-exodus.info/forum/index.php?act=idx
We are protected by Valhalla.
We will be predominately on the orange team, though accept any color.

Also, hello Supa_Troop3r

o/ Exodus

Edited by Wu Tang Clan

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[center][b]Valhalla is proud to protect Exodus[/b]
[b]A Valhalla - Exodus Protectorate[/b][/center]

In the interest of friendship, protection, guidance, and contributing to the saturation of the treaty web VÅLHÅLLÅ is extending its hand to Exodus and both agree to the following protectorate agreement.

Article I: Sovereignty

VÅLHÅLLÅ will not diminish or infringe upon the sovereignty of Exodus. VÅLHÅLLÅ and Exodus recognize each other as sovereign and separate alliances. Although, Exodus does demand chefjoe makes them cookies on occasion, and maybe even a nice chocolate cake.

Article II: Peace and Respect

VÅLHÅLLÅ and Exodus will coexist in a state of drunken harmony. Neither alliance will attack the other militarily or verbally. Both alliances will remain respectful towards each other at all times and any differences will be handled via private discussion.

Article III: Protection and Defense

An attack on Exodus will be considered an attack on VÅLHÅLLÅ, and angry vikings will rush to the scene in defense. If the attack is found to be provoked by Exodus in any way, VÅLHÅLLÅ although still reserving the right to defend Exodus is under no obligation to. Should VÅLHÅLLÅ find itself engaged in war, Exodus has no obligation to assist, but probably will anyways.

Article IV: Aggression and Treaty Signing

Exodus will inform VÅLHÅLLÅ if they intend to sign any treaty. Exodus will tell VÅLHÅLLÅ if they intend to wage any aggressive war. VÅLHÅLLÅ has the right to offer guidance and their stance on either of these two actions.

Article V: Cancellation

Both parties agree to give each other 48 hour notice before canceling this treaty, during which all articles will be upheld. Any acts of asshattery can result in this treaty to be canceled immediately upon notification.

[b]Signed for Exodus[/b]
ironchef, Triumvir
meyer, Triumvir
TheWu, Triumvir
TheBigBad, Minister of Foreign Affairs
LexLuther, Minister of Internal Affairs
Partisan, Minister of Finance
Mido, Minister of Defense

[b]Signed for Valhalla:[/b]
Chefjoe, Regent
Bud, Vice-Regent
Graphix, Security Consul
Kryievla, Marshal
Repepe, Chancelor
Seipher Caim, Emissary[/quote]

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This is total win. Awesome people in there.

o/ Wu and the Exodus

Good Luck, guys! :D

EDIT: o7 Exodus

Edited by Baltus

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[quote name='Proximus' timestamp='1287439417' post='2487187']
You were supposed to retire, Meyer.

Hey, so was I... and Partisan... we can be referred to as the Grumpy Old Men of CN if you'd like.

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So this is what you had planned Wu, I must say, A++ delivery. People should be taking notes.

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I'm also coming back into Cyber Nations as a member of this alliance, I missed playing and chatting with these guys so I thought why not? We had good times and I can try to be a good member again.

We got the potential, we got the will. Let us pray we got the luck and intelligence to carry forward into a new era.

EDIT: I'm afraid I'm not as creative with words as the above members in Exodus. :(

Edited by liam riordan

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[quote name='Tarikmo' timestamp='1287439615' post='2487191']
So this is what you had planned Wu, I must say, A++ delivery. People should be taking notes.

I can take no credit for the delivery. It was all Partisan.

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[quote name='Wu Tang Clan' timestamp='1287440159' post='2487204']
I can take no credit for the delivery. It was all Partisan.

Thats right baby :smug:

Working on Exodus with you has been great so far and I'm sure it will only get better! A big :wub: to our protectors in valhalla too.

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[b][color="#4B0082"]How wonderful! I so much enjoy the company of new alliances! I wish you the best of luck in your endeavour and hope you will succeed. [/color][/b]

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This topic was well executed and well thought out. It deserves hails for such an achievement. Congratz on existing!

o/ the planner of this topic
o/ Your existance

PS: You have also set a high standard for yourselves! I expect more announcements like this :v:

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