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This is no mistake

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[center][img]http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/696/bapsflag300px.jpg [/img][/center]
are pleased to welcome[/center][/size][/b]

[b][size="5"][center]to[/center] [/size][/b]


SNAFU is the kind of alliance everyone wants to have as allies. They are classy, smart, fun and fiercely loyal. We have worked together, we have played together, we have fought together and we have rebuilt together. I am proud to call them friends, and I’m tickled pink to be able to be the first to welcome them to Poseidon.

o/ SNAFU! Welcome to the family
o/ Poseidon

[b]Signed for Valhalla[/b]

* Chefjoe, Regent
* Bud, Vice Regent
* Graphix, Security Consul
* Kryievla, Marshal
* RePePe, Chancellor
* Seipher Caim, Emissary

Signed for Boards Alliance of Protectorate States,[/b]

* Moshea, Triumvir
* Topgun0820, Triumvir
* Inquitus, Triumvir

[b]Signed for Olympus[/b]

* Buffalo Niagara, Titan
* The Pansy, Titan
* Mississippigurlie, Titan
* queenhailee, Titan
* President SO, Honorary Titan for this announcement :P

[b]Signed for SNAFU[/b]

* Stetson of Axeland, Grand FUBAR
* Madam CaVi of Spehan, the Power Behind the Throne
* thoughberry of Newest Amsterdam, In House Leader
* Joe32320 of Lealand, Out House Leader
* Marx the Great of Romulania, Director of Illicit Affairs
* Heheurfunny of Land of Hehe, Director of Damage Control
* Mista Wigga of Silios, Director of Making Nations Rich

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Very glad to see this, couldn't ask for better allies and friends, I look forward to working with you all in future :D

:wub: BAPS,
:wub: Olympus,
:wub: Valhalla

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Congratulations SNAFU, you can now be officially accused of consorting with the likes of me....enjoy your new wire taps and spec ops security detail

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Congrats, It is nice to see good things like this. SNAFU is a great alliance and will make Poseidon even better.

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Still waiting for the proposed new flag that was introduced, like...a year ago. :v:

[quote name='Hereno' timestamp='1287188345' post='2485549']
If you have to say it... :unsure:

It's a play on SNAFU's name.

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[quote name='Haflinger' timestamp='1287183680' post='2485493']
About bloody time. Congrats, SNAFU.
wow mark it down i agree

To those that havent interacted with SNAFU QH summed it up very nicely. They are fiecely loyal and always ready to help in what ever way they can. I welcome them to Poseidon.


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SNAFU's founders came from an original Pegasus alliance, and we have been members of PEACE basically from day one. We have always had the utmost respect for the alliances of Poseidon both past and present, and have long considered it a goal to join its elite company. We are extremely honored today, to sign this treaty and finally step up to do our part to help protect those new alliances on purple that wish to become members of Pegasus. We are also happy to put down on paper what has been a reality for a long time, that SNAFU will be there with everything we have in support and defense of the nations flying the Poseidon flag.

SNAFU may have a name that brings to mind errors and mistakes, and we have fun with that at times, but the reality is that we call ourselves SNAFU because we believe that the normal state of Planet Bob is pretty fouled up. Because of this enlightened pessimism we want to be among a group of alliances that will stay with us as the craziness whirls about, standing firm and enjoying every minute of it.

Believe it or not, there's a lot more I'd like to say, but I'll spare you and just say:

Thank you Olympus.
Thank you Valhalla.
Thank you BAPS.

Thank you Poseidon for welcoming us.

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Quality over Quantity is always good ;) And Poseidon is ONLY Quality people! :D

Acta Non Verba.. as a former AA bloc member was fond of saying. Stetson and crew are definitely men (and women?) of action :)

oo/ Poseidon

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