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Good evening,

We, the 10 alliances of 10.10.10, have gathered together to fight the single greatest threat to Bob. This growing menace, created by the tangled web, controlled by the treaty, and masters of us all must be destroyed. Yes, this danger grows daily as more and more are forced to decide between something good and something awful.

Unable to sit by any longer, the members of Athens, NpO, UPN, GATO, FAN, RnR, Fark, Sparta, WTF and FoK have banded together to destroy it.

You may have already heard of such plans. Nothing is secret any more in a world controlled by our enemy. Yes, today is the day we 10 go to war against boredom.

We 10 have each sent 10 nations forward into 10 days of battle. For the cause of fun, against the evil of boredom, we plan to destroy each others pixels. We 10 have created 10 rules to guide us during these 10 days of pointless pixel violence. These rules will help us stay true to the path of merriment upon which lies both victory and tech.

We 10 know that others may attempt to join in. We 10 strongly warn against it. While our 100 warriors may be otherwise engaged in combat, we 10 have many hundreds more that sit in the stands watching with jealousy.

With this announcement, let the war begin.

Edited by Jim Bob the Glorious
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At first I just read "growing menace" and "have banded together to destroy it" and immediately thought "What have GOONS done this time :v: ?"

Then I actually read it. That's cool, too.

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