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General Somoza

Quantum Joins AZTEC

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[CENTER][B][U]Quantum Joins Aztec![/U][/B][/CENTER]

AZTEC is an MADP bloc. The full text of the treaty can be [URL="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Assistance,_Zeal,_Trade,_Economic_%26_Combat_Treaty"]found here.[/URL]

The alliances in Aztec are proud to add the fine alliance of Quantum to their ranks. At a year old, Quantum stands out as an exemplar of how an alliance should be run.

At first we were perhaps worried by their scientific theme, but slowly even us barbaric AZTECS found our warrior hearts warmed by their Bunsen burners. Plus we learned that science is cool, and you should all stay in school!

Quantum is a natural fit for AZTEC, and in joining us, they deepen the mutual friendship we already feel.

Quantum joins 1TF, GLOF, NV, RoA and WAPA as equals to the AZTEC treaty. They are to be counted when numbering the warriors of AZTEC. (They will be the ones wearing the safety glasses when we charge).

[b]For The Grand Lodge of Freemasons[/b]

[B]For 1 Touch Footbal[/B]l:
Triumvirs: Auctor, Burnsey, Xenon

[B]For Nueva Vida:[/B]
Centurius, Emperor
Zzzptm, Lord of History
Acamas, Lord of War
Specto, Lord of the Interior
Bomber66, Lord of the Exchequer
Left_Behind, Lord of Brotherhood
Raasaa, Imperator
Nelchael, Imperator

[B]For Republic of Aquisgrana[/B]:

Devilish-Minister Domesticus
Curristan-Minister Legati
Alfred von Schlieffen-Minister Defensionis
General McMuffin-Minister Frugalitas
Kaiser Milch-Minister Immigrationis

[B]For We Are Perth Army[/B]:
The Firm: Rickardo, Erchie, The Chief

[B]For Quantum[/B]:

Toraoji - Grand Chancellor
BigO82 - Deputy Grand Chancellor
Hollett - Chancellor of Foreign Affairs
ShadowPhoenix - Chancellor of War
MKULTRA - Chancellor of Finance
RyanM - Chancellor of Internal Affairs
Hymenbreach - Ombudsman

tl;dr: Clearly stated, but again for you all - Quantum Joined AZTEC.

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On behalf of everyone in Quantum. I would like to say that it is an honor to be counted among those in AZTEC.

I'd like to thank our friends in GLOF for all their support in this process, and specifically monkeybum who I know has put in a lot of effort on our behalf. The members of Quantum are more grateful for your efforts than you know.

And now we stand among old friends and new allies, and we truly feel like we're home.

/o Quantum

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Well, its been a pleasure getting to know Quantum and its also wonderful admitting them into AZTEC


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Can't say I disagree with this. Toraoji (and I'm sure the rest of Quantum as well) is pretty awesome. :awesome:

o/ Quantum

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A total stat count would be nice to see in this announcement. (Lazy me)

I guess I'll head over and see if the BLOC Race has been updated.

Congrats to Quantum for their membership into what is becoming a very fine BLOC of alliances.

Congrats AZTEC!

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