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Introducing the Awesome-O alliance

Before I begin I'd like to give you the link to our forums.

Charter of the Awesome-O alliance


We created this alliance on the basis of change, and good ideas, of working together as a team for the betterment of our nations in this game called CyberNations. We believe that an alliance should be filled with people of good moral character. Positions should be filled based on a person's merit, not any other factors. We present this charter to govern our new alliance, and hereby create the alliance of Awesome-O.

Article 1, Membership

1.1 Any member in good standing in the CyberNations community, who is not a part of any other alliance, may apply to be a member in Awesome-O.

1.2. Before membership may be granted, nations must complete an oath to Awesome-O.

1.3. The oath is as follows, "I, (ruler name) of (nation name) do hereby pledge allegiance to the Awesome-O alliance, its membership and its government. I understand that by joining Awesome-O, I agree to and will abide by all rules, laws, and regulations, especially the Awesome-O charter. I will fight to the death to defend my alliance mates, and shall never surrender."

1.4 Membership may be suspended or revoked on authority of any Triumvir, for violation of any part of this charter. This suspension will not last longer than 72 hours. The member will then be given a trial mask and a formal list of charges must be presented by the Triumvir who suspended the member. A trial will be held, presided over by the High Council.

1.5 Membership may be denied to any member applying to Awesome-O

Article 2, Government

2.1. Awesome-O's government consists of (1) Queen, three (3) Triumvirs, Seven (7) High Council members, a Minister of Defense, a Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Recruitment, Minister of Internal Affairs, and Minister of Education.


2.2 The Awesome-O Queen is a figurehead. The Queen does not have any powers in the alliance, but it is permissible to confide with her any information at the High Council or lower, however it is not necessary.

2.3 The Queen rules for life. If she leaves CN, the Triumvirs will choose a new Queen with a 3/3 vote.


2.4. There will be 3 Triumvirs in the Government. They are the highest level of government within this alliance. If at such time they choose to leave the position, they shall hold in confidence all secrets of the alliance they learned while holding the position of Triumvir. The triumvirs serve until they resign, at which time the remaining triumvirs decide on a replacement.

High Council

2.5 The High Council will have a total of 7 Members. The High Council is the second in command in the government. High Council members hold this position for life, or until resignation or impeachment. The Triumvirate shall appoint all the seats of the Founding Council, then thereafter new members shall be chosen by a majority vote by the council.

2.6 Every two months, the membership votes for the Speaker of the High Council. All members of the High Council are put on a ballot, from which the Speaker is chosen. The Speaker of the High Council may only be impeached by the membership in a 2/3 vote. Triumvirs and other High Council members are not permitted to vote in the impeachment poll. An impeachment vote can be called for by a petition signed by three or more members of the alliance, not including triumvirs or High Council members. The Speaker of the High Council is responsible for announcing the results of all High Council votes.

2.7 For all other High Council members, a 3/3 vote from the triumvirate or a 6/7 vote from the High Council can impeach the member.


2.8 Each minister is in charge of their given section. No Member of the Triumvirate, or High Council, shall do the duties of a minister unless they resign, or there is no deputy to fill the position.

2.9 The Ministers of Recruiting and Education, and Foreign Affairs, are elected by the members every two months. The Minister of Defense and Internal Affairs are appointed by a 2/3 vote of the Triumvirate.

2.10 Deputy Ministers are selected by the Minister of said department. Any Deputy selection can be overridden by a 6/7 High Council vote.

2.11 The Ministers and the Deputy Ministers can be put up for an impeachment vote by a 2/3 vote of the Triumvirate. The impeachment vote is then voted upon by the High Council. A 6/7 vote is necessary to impeach the Minister or Deputy Minister. If an impeachment vote is called during a time where the alliance is at war, a 2/3 vote if the Triumvirate, and a 5/7 vote of the high council will be sufficient to remove a minister or deputy minister.

2.12 The structure and duties of the departments not listed here shall be part of the Awesome-O Code.

Article 3, Foreign Affairs

3.1 Treaties may be ratified by a 2/3 triumvirate vote and the Minister of Foreign Affair's approval.

3.2 Treaties not approved by the Minister of Foreign Affairs may be ratified with a 3/3 triumvirate vote.

3.3 Treaties may be canceled by a 3/3 triumvirate vote.

3.4 Mergers may be ratified by a 3/3 vote of the triumvirate, a 7/7 vote of the High Council, and a 3/4 vote by the alliance membership.

3.5 Only Triumvirs, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and any diplomats or ambassadors appointed by the Foreign Affairs department may visit other alliances' forums as an official diplomat.

3.6 Only Triumvirs, members of The High Council, the Minister of Foreign Affairs or the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs may speak with other alliance leadership concerning foreign affairs issues.

Article 4, Warfare

4.1 War may be declared on any member not in an alliance. Alliances are a group of people on the same Alliance Affiliation, numbering more than five. Members will NOT attack unaligned red team nations.

4.2 Support is not promised by the Awesome-O alliance to members who attack unaligned nations if the war turns bad.

4.3 War may not be declared on any nation in an alliance unless permission is given by Defense department officers or members of the High Council or triumvirate.

4.4 Wars may be declared on an alliance by a 2/3 vote of the triumvirate.

4.5 Ceasefires and surrenders may be declared by a 2/3 vote of the triumvirate.

4.6 Nations attacked are to follow the protocols created by the Defense department.

4.7 Members not following government orders during times of war may be punished. During times of war, the chain of command (outlined in the Awesome-O Code) is in place and must be followed.

4.8 During a time of war, or during a time during which restrictions are in place, unsanctioned warfare may be prohibited by a Triumvir.

4.9 The Defense department officers, the High Council members, and Triumvirs have the authority to halt and unauthorized warfare.

Article 5, Trials

5.1 A court marshal may be arranged by any Triumvir for any member, excluding Triumvirs, Councilors, Ministers or Deputy Ministers. The process for impeachment is defined in the Charter.

5.2 The High Council is the jury in all court marshals; a majority vote may impose any punishment on the guilty party.

5.3 The defendant has the right to represent himself or have a another member represent him. Members of the Government above the level of Deputy Minister are prohibited from representing a member on trial.

5.4 The defendant has the right to 48 hours to prepare their case, as does the prosecution. Both sides have the right to present evidence for 24 hours.

5.5 All members may be charged with violation of any part of the Awesome-O Code.

5.6 The defendant has the right to an appeal if convicted. For an appeal, the triumvirate will examine the case for 24 hours. A 2/3 vote may be used to grant an appeal. The Triumvirate will be the final say on the matter.

Article 6, Elections:

Minister Elections:

6.1 An Election Schedule will be posted in the Elections Subforum of Internal Affairs.

6.2 All Members that wish to run for minister positions shall state that they seek the nomination of 2 members of the alliance. Once the member is then nominated by two members, they must accept, failure to accept will result in their name not appearing on the ballet.

6.3 Nominations shall be 24 hours long. Elections shall then follow, and are 24 hours long. After the winner is declared the minister shall take their newly elected position.

6.4 If there is a tie in an election, a new poll with those two members shall be setup and run for 24 hours. If after such time the tie can not be broken, the High Council will then choose the member with the best qualifications using a 6/7 vote. If the High Council is unable to choose, the triumvirate shall choose one member with a 2/3 vote.

6.5 If a minister is removed or resigns, an election shall be called within 24 hours of the position becoming vacant. This section of the Charter shall be enacted.

Article 7, Amendments

7.1 Amendments to the charter of the Awesome-O alliance may be ratified by a 2/3 vote of the Triumvirate. The High Council may veto an amendment with a 7/7 vote, at which time a 3/3 vote of the Triumvirate is needed to enact the law.

7.2 Amendments may be proposed by any member of Awesome-O. They must be posted in the Internal Affairs forum. All Proposed amendments by members shall be discussed in open by the members and all ideas regarding such amendments shall be taken into account while writing the new amendment. The amendment will be left open for debate for at least 48 hours before being voted on if it was proposed by a member. A member of the High Council or Triumvirate's amendment proposal may be voted on immediately.

7.3 All amendments will be posted in the form of listing the original version if there is one, and the new version. The posted version of the charter shall reflect the new version. Appropriate signatures will be attached, showing who voted for and against the amendment.

Article 8, The Awesome-O Code

8.1 The Awesome-O Code is a document that spells out the laws and regulations of the Awesome-O alliance. The Code along with the Charter govern all members, including government members, of the Awesome-O alliance.

8.2 The Code is under the authority of the Triumvirate and requires a 2/3 vote to make a change to the Awesome-O code.

Article 9, Disbandment

9.1 The Awesome-O alliance may be dissolved by a 3/3 vote of the triumvirate and 7/7 vote of the High Council.

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