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Hello Planet Bob,

I am extremely happy and proud to Annouce The Re-birth of Novus-Orbus!


Leaders: MConorDever, Tosh13.
Lord Representives: n/a
Ministers: Destrus(MoEA), High King Cottril(MoD), lipra6(MoIA).
Common Representives: StephenColbert.

[url="http://novus-orbus.darkbb.com "]N.O Forums[/url]

[font="Impact"][size="5"]Novus-Orbus Charter[/size][/font]


We, the N.O are here to protect and serve any nation under our peaceful banner,
We will be strong in the face of adversity; will be fearless in the face of danger.
At such times when we are we weak our charter will be there to make us strong,
It will be a beckon of light when all seems dark.

[size="5"]Article 1:


All nations under the Novus Orbus (N.O) must swear alliance to the charter; they must conduct themselves by the charter, and for the charter .The only requirement for membership is the wish to work towards bettering the Alliance?

Members wishing to join must not be;

a) Currently be involved in a war/s

a2) Be in another Alliance

c) Be listed as a target by any alliance

On requesting membership you must recite the following vow;

I (Ruler name) hearby delcare that (Nation name) will be joining Novus-Orbus i swear on my word and my word is my bond, that i will help in everyway to promote the alliance and to better it, I will at all times conduct myself in such a manner that others will respect and fitting of a gentleman/lady.

If all the requirements have been met, you will be accepted when the proper parties are online. Don’t expect to long of a wait.

[size="5"]Article 2 Section A:

Government seats-[/size]

The government will consist of elected officials these officials will be in charge of certain sections of the government. The government will consist of;

a) Leader/co-Leader- The royal throne is the highest ranking seat on the council, a special place reserved for Leaders.

a2) Ministers-The ministers are elected officals how are heads of there own departments which included recruitment,external affairs,internal affairs and finance, ministers will be expected to perform to a high standard and ensure the alliance functions like a well oiled machine.

c) External Affairs- will handle all treaties regarding NAPs, MDPs or declarations of any other kind. The SOS does not have the power to accept or deny any treaties; they will provide a summary of the alliances requesting the treaty and vice versa.

d) Recruitment officer- As recruitment officer you will be required to bring in as many members as possible regardless of strength or colour, you will have the power to deny or accept any and all applications.

e) Magistrate- will be appointed when and if a member of N.O is deemed to have violated any of the charter amendments, rules or regulations, he will also be required upon as such times of abandonment of duty, allegations of a member no matter rank abusing the system or found of treason our malpractice.(Only the wisest and most senior players can hold the court)

f) Finance- will handle all the monetary affairs including distribution of aid, organising and maintaining trades to benefit members of N.O,the Banking system, tech deals and trade circles will all be handled by the minister.

g) Lords- this seat is not elected but appointed according to prestige, 4 of these seats will be appointed by a fixed method of selection. Method is based on activity and postions held within the alliance and seniority.

[size="5"]Article 2 Section B:

Government ruling-[/size]

a) The Grand-Council-All ruling can be found in the governement forums, It will consist of the house of lords and the house of commons.

a2) House of Lords-will consist at 5 Lords at any one time, there job is to maintain stability of the monarchy through proper feesable maintance of the legislation that comes up to them from the house of commons, a majority vote hear will then see the legislation passed up to the King who retains the right to vito atleast 1 legislation change a month.

c) House of Commons-will contain 10 members and with that house they can indeed spilt into rival partys as the case maybe, however for any proposed legislation change to be submitted to the house of Lords then it need to do there with a magority vote.

d) Legislation Changes-If the house of commons sees fit to really push a legislation change and have failed to get by the house of Lords twice then on this final attempt then will be granted an abstain,
With this the House with a full Majority decision, meaning all 10 sits agree, will then by-pass the house of Lords and the legislation will then pass up to the king directly.
However if they fail to have all sits in agreement they will have to go thru the house of lords again.
If a legislation is not passed on the third attempt then it will be scrapped.
Keep in mind that these party tatics are only available on the third attempt of trying to make a legislation reform and that even if passed to the King he still may retain his right to vito and the legislation would then be scrapped.

[size="5"]Article 3:

a) Removal from N.O-[/size]

This is the barrister’s/magistrate jurisdiction; the royal court with the barrister at its head will consist of all council members making up the jury body, the barrister will decide which proof is admissible in court, take statements, take into consideration the jury’s decision via a poll, and in turn list the charge, the barrister’s/magistrate judgement is final. It may result from anything from a fine to dismissal from the N.O.

a2) Resignation from N.O-

In the event that a council members resigns during term, the candidates from the pervious election will all be put on poll and all members of the N.O will vote on the matter, this vote will last for 3 days. The king/leaders will act as temporary minder of the according section.

[size="5"]The N.O, "Ár Bail, Ár Seastán", Our members, our stand-[/size]

We of the N.O will not allow our members to attack any member affiliated with an alliance, nor will we fund or endorse any un-sanctioned wars on un-aligned nations; this is purely the member’s choice. We will protect our members by whatever means we see fit. Nations under our banner will receive aid in the following circumstances;

1. Attacked non provoked- you will receive Reps from the nation in question, if the reps are not paid we will cover the damages and in turn ZI the rogue in question.

We are peaceful, democratic and rogue hating, we will stand with any alliances regardless of history our views, and you will only be refused if you are considered to be a rogue alliance nation by the good people of the CN forums. We will check your history. Any nation of any colour can join, be you black, blue or green we will accept you, any strength from 0-500,000 we will accept. We hold no grudge nor have a stand on any resent events on CN involving certain unnamed Alliances. [/center]


And Annoucing Our Treaty With IRON [img]http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100116150028/cybernations/images/thumb/8/8f/IRON.svg/200px-IRON.svg.png[/img]

[quote]"The Independent Republic of Orange Nations (IRON) hereby extends protection and assistance to Novus-Orbus (N.O) in order to foster growth and good relations within N.O.

(1) IRON and N.O will show all due respect to all member nations within.

(2) IRON and N.O will not engage in any espionage against each other whether it be based on CyberNations itself, or whether it involves providing sensitive information to an enemy of either signatory alliance through other methods.

(3) IRON and N.O will commit to defend each other through all means necessary. In Acts of Aggression committed on non-signatory alliances, discretion may be used in whether to aid or to remain neutral, however such support is encouraged.

(4) N.O will support IRON's Senate Candidate as able.

(5) N.O is free to negotiate any treaties that do not include a defense or aggression pact without IRON's consent, but must consult IRON leadership before entering into any other military treaties.

(6) This Treaty may be canceled by either signatory party after a 72-hour review period starting with a formal communication on IRON's or N.O's Official Forums. This Protectorate will also be reviewed in 90 days to re-evaluate its necessity.

Should any portion of this agreement be breached, the Offended MUST bring the situation to the leaders of the Offender's Alliance."

Signed For The Independent Republic of Orange Nations who hereby extends protection and assistance to Novus-Orbus,
Peron, President
DVDcchn, Secretary of State, IRON Councilor
Not Adolf Hitler, Deputy Secretary of State, IRON Councilor
MCRABT, Minister of Defense, IRON Councilor
Rand0m Her0, Deputy Minister of Defense, IRON Councilor
Theophilos, Minister of Internal Affairs, IRON Councilor
Matt Miller, Minister of the Vault, IRON Councilor
Queltocz, Deputy Minister of the Vault, IRON Councilor

Signed for Novus-Orbus,

Thanks for your time! Drop by to #NO for a chat! :D

Edited by MConorDever
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