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We Don't Want You!


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That's right, we don't want your kind with us.

Why? Because most of you cannot handle our requirements to join us.

Look at our charter introduction and know why you failed:

I: Membership Cardinal Rules

*Members must be non-affiliated with any other alliance to join.

*Members must be free of debt and war to become a full member.

*Full membership comes after an oath, a fortnight, and a challenge.

*Full members may not declare war without leadership permission.

*Full members may not trespass on DOOM treaties.

*Full members must be honorable and civil at all times in all places.

*Full members always help their DOOM brethren.

*Full members never leave the alliance within a fortnight of receiving aid or military assistance from their brethren.

II: Membership Duties

*Military service is required of all full members.

*Full members are required to attend all roll calls for their assigned military units.

*Full members are expected to obtain gainful employment within the alliance.

*Full members are expected to help their brethren grow in skill and strength.

*Full members are expected to vote in all elections.

Yes, most of you are slackers, grifters, and delinquents. You cannot handle the idea of hard work, loyalty, and integrity.

Heck, most of you needed a dictionary, a thesaurus, and your mom to find out the true meaning of those traits.

It's a wonder we simply don't close our doors to applicants for the duration.

But with those sterling traits comes a small shred of mercy.

We shall let you try applying just this one last time.

Hit the link below and prepare to be judged for your worthiness.


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Lmao! Your alliance of one?!

And that blazing strength of 750 as well! :awesome:

I was taking a look at your nation to have one of my fighters put you in the dirt for trespassing on my recruiting thread.....

.......but I'm afraid I don't have a nation that is less than 5 times your strength! :D

Grow big so I can make you small again. ;)

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My clan will take you , we'll take anyone with a pulse. Great benefit package included. :popcorn:

contact MegaBomb

Wait, did you just call your alliance a "clan"? My oh my, you haven't been here long.

Edit: Question, not a statement. Question mark added >_>

Edited by Commissar Zhukov
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DOOM are pretty hard cookies. They are rigid subscribers to the Way of the Exploding Fist and Chuck Norr-ism. They invited me drinking once so they all busted into my house and called reveille at 4am. I was then marched to a secret pub. When we arrived, I was presented with a pint of 200 proof bourbon whiskey. I asked for beer, but Zeke replied "THAT IS NOT THE DOOM WAY!"


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