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Dispatch from Greenland Republic

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[b]On Morning Rituals: A mix of IC/OOC/ADD/ADHD.[/b]
[*]/me sits down at desk, kicks open firefox and mIRC.
[*]Opens 'AM' folder which contains links to CN ingame, GR's boards, Gmail, digg and sfgiants.com.
[*]mIRC ajoins 10, open 25 more channels.
[*]/me rubs sleep out of eyes, sips on 2nd cup of coffee, reads PM's, types furious response, deletes 79% of response, composes 'NEW AND IMPROVED' version, replies.
[*]/me sips coffee and deletes 20-30 spam emails of the usual variants, deletes 20+ subscription emails to shopping sites, deletes 20+/- 'joke of the day' type emails without reading them, skims through 1-2 emails of importance.
[*]/me expresses hatred for shamed, this game, all of C&G and the idiot who used the last of the Hazelnut Coffee Creamer on IRC.
[*]/me highlights Wurzel and Shamed just to say 'the game'
[*]/me cruises through Gov Boards on GR's forums, GR Member Discussion Boards and embassies, replying to those that I care about in the slightest.
[*]/me sips coffee.
[*]/me skims first 3 pages of news on digg clicking on 2 or 3 random articles, digs 1, 'buries' Toyota ad .
[*]/me reads last night's box score from Giants-DBacks game (HA HA HA! LOLAZ!) and watches highlight clips of the game.
[*]/me chugs the rest of the coffee in my mug and goes for a refill.
[*]/me grumbles about having to use regular powdered creamer, bastages.
[*]/me complains to Shamed about having to make a Dispatch, he calls me lazy, I agree, but type away.


[b]On News:[/b]
As some of you are/were/have been made aware, Greenland Republic fell on some interesting times with regard to it's forums a while back. I am happy to announce, however, that we have a new set of forums that are open to the hordes. http://www.greenlandrepublic.net is open and we look forward to seeing anyone who dares grace us with their magnanimous presence. Allied Alliances will be granted Private Embassies in which the goings on will be neeky neeky neeky, Non-Allied Alliances will have a Consulate thread that will be open to anyone masked, but may be granted an Embassies if we like yous enough.

Love, Lemons, and Lemmings.

ilselu1 - Tater
Shamedmonkey - Vice-Tater
Cripple - Mistress of Flicking Apertures
Bart - Mouse Tective
St Heliers - Monkey of Fortunes
Sande - Milker of Anemones
Horatio II, Septimoose, Kestral, Trebekistan, Nighthunter - Bastage Senate Damned by Hades himself

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They aren't gonna know what hit em! Kinda like that one time, at the top of the hill and Sara decided it was funny when people fell off mountains. Yeah, kinda like that.

o/ GR!

The fish will be swimming counter-clockwise if you know what I mean.

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[quote name='jguy100' date='23 July 2010 - 05:32 PM' timestamp='1279931548' post='2386755']
I hate us more and more each and every day.

Newest Member

jguy graces us with his presence, this will end well. :awesome:

[quote name='Aimee Mann' date='23 July 2010 - 05:36 PM' timestamp='1279931762' post='2386757']
You drink too much coffee.

That's just the beginning of my day. On a good day.

Edited by ilselu1
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[quote name='Daikos' date='23 July 2010 - 08:44 PM' timestamp='1279932261' post='2386764']
This announcement needs more Kestral. And to a much lesser extent, more Bart. :ehm:
I finally feel validated! And I quite agree moar Kestral is needed.

Look at the fishies. :D

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