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The pokedex's final entry

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Today, on our 151th day. TIP is leaving Planet Bob, why? We challenged Activity to a battle, and we lost.

*Activity wants to battle!*
Tarikmo3rd: GO ODDISH
Activity: Go Charizard
Tarikmo3rd: Wait what?
*Charizard used FIRE BLAST*
*Oddish fainted!*
Tarikmo3rd: Oh come on I just barely passed Misty's gym and you have a charizard?!
Chet: My turn!
Tarikmo3rd: You can do it!
Chet: Go Gary Oak!
Activity: Go Prof Oak!
Chet: Gary! Use a billion girlfriends attack!
-It's super effective!-
Activity: Prof Oak use questionable dialog!
Prof Oak: I came when I heard you beat the elite four.
-Gary Oak has fainted-
Mistra: I'm up next.
Chet and Tarikmo3rd: Take him down!
Activity: Go Bill Cosby!
*Tarikmo3rd facedesks*
Activity: Bill Cosby use Rap song!
Bill Cosby: What do you like to play?!
Digimon: Pokemon?
Bill Cosby: Pokemon?! But you're a digimon!
-Digimon is confused!-
*mistra beats sense back into Digimon!*
-Digimon fainted!-
Mistra: Now I remember why I hate Digimon!
Chet: That's 3 down, we only have 3 left.....
Mistra, Chet, and Tarikmo3rd: We're saved!
*Activity sent out Goku!*
Takku: Mudkip! Do math problems!
-Goku is confused!-
Activity: Goku! Use clueless!
-Goku is no longer confused!-
Takku: Mudkip! DO A FLIP
-Nothing happened!-
Chet: ;_;
Activty: Finish it with Kahmehameha!
-Mudkip has fainted!-
Takku: 4 down, 2 to go
Eumirbago: I'm next!
Eumirbago: Go Alakazam!
Activity: Go Morey!
Activity: Morey, use DNA edvidence!
Morey: Sorry Alakazam, the kids are yours!
*Alakazam doesn't have a job!*
-Alakazam faints in distress-
Eumirbago: 5 down :(
Gairyuki: Don't worry, I'll finish all 6 of em!
TIP: You can do it! Go Gairyuki!
Activity: I call out the Japanese!
TIP: OOoooh!
Gairyuki: GO
*TIP gasps*
Gairyuki: MAGIKARP
*TIP facedesks*
Gairyuki: USE SPLASH!
-Nothing happened!-
Activity: Use sushi!
-Magikarp has been eaten!-
Battle over! Activity wins!

The battle was a hard fought one, however, we ultimately failed in our endeavors. Activity beat us good, alright. Our departure isn't without failure. We did have some great memories, and these memories are quite unforgettable for us all. Here are just a few of our great experiences:

Gairyuki: I can take anything!
*Tarikmo3rd USES THUNDER*
Tarikmo3rd: Looks like you just received.......
Tarikmo3rd: ........A shocking experience......

Gairyuki: So I herd
Tarikmo3rd: That u lieked
TheListener: Digimon?

Mistra: No, Chet, you wouldn't.
Chet: Orly?
Tarikmo3rd: Do it!
Gairyuki: Let's roll!
Tarikmo3rd: MAKE IT DOUBLE
Chet: CHET
Tarikmo3rd: TARIKMO3RD
Tarikmo3rd: Taaaaaaaaaaaaaarik, that's right!
Takku: F minus minus show, would not watch again
TheListener: brb jumping off the roof
Eumirbago: So should I shoot all of you for that horrible show?
Eumirbago: Or shoot myself for that watching that horrible show?
Tarikmo3rd: :(

Gairyuki: Hey, is it ok if we disband?
Tarikmo3rd: Hey, Is it ok if we all start playing digimon?
Mistra: Well...
Chet: Shut up Mistra!

Now, that our memorial logs have been shared,TIP has a little story to tell you. We came into the world 151 days ago. Friends from Skull and Bones joined us roughly 20 days ago via merger. Well, they helped us last this long, however, sadly, it wasn't enough, our allies have been informed. Our memories of 151 days shall last for an eternity. Planet Bob, we are disbanding. To no ones fault, of course, it's simply one of those things that happen. Needless to say, we've done our best to succeed, and it didn't work out.

Through trial and error, we kept going on strong, but it wasn't enough. Well, one last thing to do, we didn't get here by ourselves, it did take some help. The Indigo Plateau would like to thank the following people for helping us prosper:

The Mushroom Kingdom, for protecting us while we formed and grew, and helping us pass our troubles
The Imperial Order, Thanks for sticking by us in Sirius.
The Killer Turtle Brigade, Today, we were suppose to announce a treaty, called Squirtle Soup.
Blue Turtle Alliance, sorry, but Killer Turtles are way better!
The Conservative Underground, wait, why am I thanking you guys? Go away. Thanks for being our ally.
Chimera from IAA, with Keve69, for being there for us
Skull and Bones Society, thank you for helping us last these final few days
And to everyone who likes Pokemon, or has been in our channel, thank you for keeping us interested with your Poke'talk!

Did we fail? Did we work hard for nothing? Don't think of it like that. We have had great times, made new friends, and we've done a lot. Unlike Ash Ketchum, we actually grew up. Well, that's it for us, Planet Bob. Come visit #theindigoplateau for a goodbye party. We are giving away a free starter! But remember, I'll choose the better one, cause I'm Gary motha#^!$ing Oak.

- Tarikmo, final champion of The Indigo Plateau

Note: MK is still protecting our AA

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The story of TIP is a short and uninteresting one; The Indigo Plateau technically began as soon as I left the New Polar Order so long ago, having changed my AA to exactly that.
It was Tarikmo who commented on what was then my AA, and thus began a discussion on how to establish a Pokemon-themed alliance, and when to start it. In an ironic twist of fate, it would be my decision to postpone TIP until Tarikmo wanted to leave Polar, to a date, which none could know at the time, that would again be postponed by the hollow sound of tanks rolling across the battlefield.

The image below is an homage to both Tarikmo's almost unstoppable will (to create TIP) and MK's generosity in fielding a protectorate with us. It is meant as the most sincere "thank you" I could possibly express.
Before The Indigo Plateau officially disappears from the cyberverse, I'd like to honor the most important members of TIP, a team that I feel was one of the best at our height.
From right to left, skipping myself (the Sandshrew):
[b]Tarikmo[/b]: The dragonite, my Elite of Foreign Affairs; without you, there'd certainly be no TIP. Any alliance in CN would be lucky to have you and your energy.
[b]TheListener[/b]: The Raticate, my only Elite of Military Affairs; TIP was a different pokemon when you weren't around.
[b]Mistra[/b]: There are few people in the cyberverse with such a personality as you. Keep the Squirtle Squad alive in iFOK!
[b]Takku[/b]: It takes two to tangela. Thanks for the IRC hilarity, you and Mistra both.
[b]Octavio[/b]: You and TIP might not have split on the best of terms, but who can deny that you're one interesting farfetch'd.
[b]Eumirbago[/b]: You're an Alakazam in the making.
[b]Chet[/b]: Metapod isn't exactly representative of you or your personality, but whatever, you wanted to be a Metapod. Keep up the good work wherever you go, and NoR is one lucky alliance to have you. Couldn't have done much without you or Tarikmo being so active all the time. :)
[b]Franz[/b]: Good luck with Team Rocket, hopefully you can emulate and transcend TIP's success. I can't say I'm not a little bitter about it, but I wish you the best.
[b]Whitegoodman, The Skull and Bones Society[/b]: What can I say? I've never been more excited about TIP then when SBS merged into us. Whitegoodman, the Masheen, you guys are all great people and I see success in your future. It's unfortunate that we let you down in the end, after you trusted us enough to join TIP.

To the cyberverse: TIP only lasted 151 days, but in all likelihood, our journey ended here anyways. Those who criticize startup alliances should know that despite it all, TIP was completely worth it, and our failure was no more the alliance's fault than it was my fault. An alliance needs dedication, perseverance, and attention more than anything, and I failed to give TIP that. Likewise, there is nothing more exciting in CN than posting a DoE and being showered with praise, and for that, I encourage everyone to at least try their own alliance, if only once.

To TIP's friends: your success is one of the few things I truly want to see. Good luck, with everything.

To MK: see you soon. ;)

The feeling of putting down an alliance you love is the worst; the feeling of watching it die, and wanting nothing to do with it anymore is unbearable. TIP may have barely reached Mt. Moon in her short lifetime, but every step along every route was worth it. It is truly sad, but again exciting to start a new chapter. So long, my friends. It was a journey worth a thousand days in CN. I bid TIP farewell, as I'll be the last to turn out the lights.


- Gairyuki

Edited by Gairyuki
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[quote name='KCToker' date='23 July 2010 - 02:39 AM' timestamp='1279861748' post='2385487']
Best. Disbandment Notice. EVAR.

Sad that this happened to you :(
We at TIP always tried our hardest.

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