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From the Desk of Mad Dog Bob Denard

Captain Enema

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[b]From the Desk of Mad Dog Bob Denard[/b]

I'm more commonly know for being an African. However, my roots are both African and American. I was born in New York to an American mother and a Somalian father. The stories my father told me of Somalia started me on the course of being the man I am today. From my humble roots as a volunteer for peace in Africa, I've grown to become the leader of Legion, a new but prosperous nation in Western Sudan. On top of being a national leader, the man I am today is a man who loves Africa and is horridly disgusted with his birth country.

The America I grew up in would have never turned its back on its fellow citizens. The America we have today did that based on a sorry bit of legal horse trading through the Supreme Court. The very same institution which is supposed to be above these sorts of dirty politics. The South Tahoe situation became an American problem the moment they accepted South Tahoe into the Union. The America I knew would have never turned their backs on those citizens and would have gone to their graves to fight and defend them from the aggression of the Republic of Tahoe.

America used to stand for something we Americans could be proud of. I won't claim it was a perfect union, but unlike the rabble that calls itself world leaders today we Americans of old at least tried to better our government and our way of life. Yes we had an entire slew of problems, yes we weren't loved throughout the world, but damn it at least we could be proud of who we are because we knew that we'd stand for each other no matter what. This new abortion called America is a joke.

My advice to world leaders is not do business with this mockery of the former true America. Do not sign treaties, do not expect this sad state delude you into thinking that they'll support you during a time of war. Above all do not allow yourselves to believe that this America is true to the core principles of the America I used to love and know. Join me in forming an America in Exile movement. From this day forward all those who consider themselves real Americans are welcome to Legion on a special 180 Day visa program that can be extended depending upon need.

Together We Can Cut them Down!

For this sad place is good for nothing.

- Mad Dog Bob Denard
Commander of LEGION
Member of America in Exile

Ps. In other news Legion is happy to announce we've reformed out military, re-established our airforce, and are looking for a base for our fledgling navy as we are a land locked nation.

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[i]"As Western Sudan enjoys the same privileges the rest of Nodic territory enjoys, we would gladly allow this burgeoning Navy port in the Tadjoura Gulf. This former territory of Djibouti serves as the staging area for most of the Nodic brown water fleet in the Red Sea and would be the perfect location for your forces."[/i]

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A BobTube video shows citizens of the US, "The True America", burning anything that has Legion, Denard, or the terroists of America in Exile on it, as this group is believed to be reponsible for the Texas nuking by some.

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"You want to fight for this country.. to die for it.. than for God sake's man.. come home. We're not forcing anyone to remain in exile." VP Johnson responded. "If you feel we're doing our job so badly come run for office! Hell, I love your energy, but you've got it totally misdirected."

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