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Invicta & NAC Move to Red

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[center][b][i][size=125]Earlier this evening the reanimated corpse of the former U.S. Senator from Wisconsin rose from the grave to issue the following statement...[/size][/i][/b][/center]

[quote][center][b][size=150]WE HAVE EVIDENCE THAT THE RED SPHERE IS GROWING[/size][/b][/center]

People of Bob, it has come to my attention that the dangerous and subversive activities of the Reds are being slowly expanded into the Purple sphere.

Red agents have already infiltrated two solid purple alliances, Invicta and the North American Confederation, subverting the freedom-loving way of life in those alliances. Even high-ranking officials of Invicta and the NAC have already gone over to Red or stated their support for Moldavism. They are infested with Reds. I have here in my hand a list of 61—a list of names that were made known to the admins as being members of Red and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy in the their alliances.

Invicta and the NAC will soon be majority-red alliances, and we must take steps to rid Bob of this menace.

Thank you, and God bless Bob.[/quote]

The erstwhile senator and zombified demagogue is quite correct. Acting in my capacity as head of state and sovereign of Regnum Invictorum, I have commanded that my alliance shall transfer its flag to the Red sphere, effective immediately.

I have also been asked by our friends and allies at the North American Confederacy to convey that they shall do the same.

I wish to state clearly that this move is in no way meant to impugn or malign the Purple sphere or the great alliances who reside there. That Invicta and NAC have chosen to explore a new path will not change how we feel about them. Our friends will [i]always[/i] be our friends!

Life is a journey. The next leg of ours begins now.

[i]Signed for Invicta:[/i]
Jorost of the Triune Republic, Lord Protector
Learz of the Eridani Empire, Lord Lieutenant
Thrash of Machas, co-Minister of Foreign Affairs

[i]Signed for NAC:[/i]
Hellbilly of Hades, Triumvir
Shavar of Shavar, Triumvir
Rooivaulk of the South African Union, Triumvir



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Congratulations to my friends at Regnum Invictorum and the North American Confederacy for their courageous choice and bold action. The Red sphere welcomes you.

Long live Red!

o/ Invicta
o/ NAC

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[quote name='Sandwich Controversy' date='22 July 2010 - 09:56 PM' timestamp='1279850158' post='2385126']
Closer to your masters, I like it.
And further from your masters; I like this deal!

o/ Red

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[quote name='wickedj' date='22 July 2010 - 08:57 PM' timestamp='1279850213' post='2385130']
Surprise! ...ok not really

Also, what is your name? Invicta or Regnum Invictorum?

Regnum Invictorum is the official name that goes on treaties and announcements and such. Invicta is just what we call ourselves
Anyway, yay on finally being official, :D

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We will always remember what Purple has done for us ..Great alliances great friends , thanks for the memories. No matter the color you stand with true friends remain. The welcome we have recieved in our new home is second to none and I look foward to see what it will bring us.

Onward and Upward along side the best alliance out there .. Wouldnt want to stand beside any other alliance


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[quote name='Learz' date='22 July 2010 - 09:59 PM' timestamp='1279850329' post='2385138']
And further from your masters; I like this deal!

o/ Red
I require a further explanation of this remark as it confused me greatly...

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LUE Goombas arrive right on schedule. Notice how they seem to think that Pacifica is the center of the Cyberverse and every action that every aliance takes is influenced by NPO somehow. I guess it is to be expected seeing as they define their very existence to being opposed to Pacifica.

Congrats on the move, Invicta.

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